Thursday, 21 July 2011

Humble beginnings to a blog

To blog or not to blog has been on my mind for a few months now. I've also been a bit of a chatter box, and I used to write for a living (well, sort of, tho I am not a professional writer) and without bragging, friends have urged me to 'write' for the past few years as they read my emails and (now defunct newsletters)

Several blogger friends have encouraged me to blog, so here we go.

We are about to make our 3rd expat move in 5 years. Friends know we are leaving 'over summer' but the destination is still being kept quiet until DH (Darling Husband) signs the contract. Suffice to say, we are very excited about our 'new adventure'

It's the 3rd new adventure we've had since leaving Sydney, Australia, gosh, nearly 5 1/2 years ago. (WOW! We've been gone a while now)

We spent two truly wonderful years in Dublin, Ireland and by the time we leave Yokohama, Japan we'd have been here 2  years 9 months.

We are far from experienced expats, tho we do feel like we are global nomads, and as we prepare for our 3rd move maybe we are.

As we are leaving sooner (4-6 weeks max) rather than later,  I decided to just DO the things that i know from past experience need doing to make the move as smooth as possible ........ 

  • The packers are booked to quote, with a tentative packing/shipping date
  • Cupboards (clothes, linen, towels, toys) have been sorted and donations made to Tohoku (thanks Mrs N); 
  • Books sorted and waiting to find a new home;
  • Photos of electrical items have been uploaded into a Kodakshare album ready to be emailed to the schools Mentor Co ordinator to be shared with new families;
  • Pantry and laundry items sorted. Closer to our leaving date these will go to friends
  • We have a possible buyer for our car :)
  • Have 'resignation' papers ready for school here :(
  • Potential schools have been emailed 'enquiries of admission'
  • We are receiving updates from two rental property websites as a means of researching the area/s we think we might like to live in
  • We've Googled the area we are moving to; bookmarked numerous local websites of interest
  • Contacted friends who know the area and asked them for guidance
  • Started to pack the every day things we will need for the first few weeks while we wait for our shipment to arrive
    • DD's ballet bag (so she can start as soon as we arrive; great way to make friends, and keep her busy)
    • DD's school lunch box and drink bottle (why buy yet another one?)
    • 2 months worth of medications, vitamins (in case shipment is delayed)
    • Numerous plastic containers (aka Tupperware) for food storage (again, why buy more?)
    • DD's favorite toys, books, DVD's and CD's

Our lives are made even busier with news that friends in Dublin are moving over summer; friends in Bournemouth moving to Dublin; Tokyo friends have recently landed in Texas, others in Canada, neighbors repatriated to USA, PTSA colleague repatriated to Brisbane, while others have returned to various European cities. It's been VERY busy and rather emotional.

Having just written where friends are coming and going from, I guess it's time to admit, we are living a true global nomadic life. 

Who'd have guessed!?!?!?!?!? Not me that's for sure hehehehhe

It's a life we love. We've met incredibly interesting, fun loving families; learnt so many new things; experienced amazing sights, visited numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more. Without sounding egotistical, we have amazing photo albums.

We do miss Sydney. It's home in so many ways, but the longer we are away the less familiar it feels to us. We are truly blessed that family and friends are able to visit, and we travel back at least once a year. If I say it once on here, I'll say it many times, thank goodness for Facebook, Skype, and even good ol' fashioned email! How people did this with out technology scares me.

I've learned many many life lessons since leaving Sydney one is that home really is where your heart is, where you lay your head at night and where those closest to you are.

So, as we pack up our current home and get ready to move to our new one, I sincerely hope i've not rambled too much, and that some of what i've shared is of interest.

I look forward to sharing our new adventure with you as it unravels, and hope to hear from you :)

With friendship,

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