Monday, 25 July 2011

"Mama, why are there no pages in your book?"

AH! Technology :)

Last night, I cuddled up next to MissM on the couch while she watched the end of a movie, reading on my Kindle. MissM looks at me and asks 'mama, why are there no pages in your book?' to which i reply 'cos it's an e-reader'. She nods knowingly and continues to watch TV letting me read in peace while we cuddle.

I wait for more questions. But none were asked. Not even 'what's an e-reader'. She accepts that's what it is and it doesn't have pages.

Maybe it's because MissM is growing up (too fast) and is becoming very observant about things around her and asks (a lot of) really good questions that I have found myself recently explaining way too many differences to MissM from 'when I was a little girl' to what the newest piece of technology in the house does and why we have it. (it's not just me, its DH too, but when on school holidays it seems e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is me and MissM)

Or, maybe the feeling of 'when I was a little girl' is the only premise we have to what's new and what's not. Why do i even share with her what 'used to be?'. Does the difference mean anything to a 7 year old?

How do you reply to your kids questions about technology?

Our generation just expects things to be invented, created, discovered, explored, available.

What on earth will MissM's generation expect, dare I say, demand?

Remember records?  They slowly morphed into CD's, and CD's have become non existent because most of us downloaded music onto the (recently defunct) iPod. Even that's become obsolete for our household this past year. We upload straight to a hard drive that sits next to the TV and listen thru the TV. Sometimes we even get the video clip to go with it.

(I use 'we' in the royal sense. As in DH does not me)

The problem is NEW music - or NEW DVDs. We (I mean DH) trawls iTunes for the newest 'uploads' (aka releases). We listen to a few and then make our purchase. I guess it's the same as going into an HMV and putting the headsets on in the little cubicles to listen to a few  CD's before buying them.

Japanese radio is 99.9% Japanese music, so it's not much help. With all this technology going on you'd think we'd live stream Aussie or at the very least 'western' FM radio LOL. I seldom do and as this is being admitted, cannot for the life of me tell you why.

My father swore that Beta was a superior form to VHS and so we were the first family amongst friends to own a VCR, albeit a beta in which case we were the only one to own a BETA VCR. I was working for Kerry Packers Video business at the time, selling videos to video shops all over Australia (how odd a concept to sign up to a shop, borrow videos and then return them LOL). I remember having to remind the Sales Manager to order my home copies for pre-sale study in Beta - even she laughed. I was always the No 1 selling rep of BETA instore cos 'you never know when someone is going to come in and ask for it' I used to say and it would work.

So we've gone from video, to DVD, from records to CD's to uploading both straight to a hard drive that sits next to the TV and watching the on demand on TV. Have to confess at this point I am old enough to remember Dad brining out the old movie projector and showing HOME MOVIES of BoM and moi.

Why don't we sit around watching family videos, like we used to watch home movies??????????

                              No really!                                               Why don't we?

Maybe I am old - or at least older in 'years' rather than how I feel. (Thanks to Dr C, the HRT are working a treat!)

In Living Light and Lovin' It, you will recall we have burnt most of our 'old' CD's and DVD's onto the laptop which in turn sends them magically to the hard drive next to the TV so we can watch them. We now no longer need this cabinet in our yet-to-be-found-new-home.

So, when MissM asks 'mama, why are there no pages in your book' do i also have to explain why we don't own CDs, DVD's, a sound system, or landline? Or is 'it's an e-reader' (or equivalent answer) OK.

With friendship,

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