Thursday, 18 August 2011

Two Steps Forward ... part 2

This is a quick chat today

Drove into Tokyo to Aussie Embassy.

Dropped Mr and MrsMac at Nissin for their first look-see at a 'western' supermarket in Japan and drove around ot the Embassy.

Long story short ................

The only records they can provide us with is our travel in and out of Australian airports (DOH!) as Aussie's do not have their passports stamped. We have the bar codes in our passports 'read' as we enter/ return.

Of Course you don't have access to our interntioanl travel in Europe and Asia DOH!

So, what on earth is the UK visa application form requiring?????????????

Maybe going thru our passports manually is the only way to do this, but it's not 'official' well it is official cos the stamps are there, but it's not on any official letterhead.

We'll provide the immigration company what they asked for and see what happens.

Fingers crossed it's all ok and we won't be delayed.

PS: Mr and Mrs Mac really enjoyed Nissin - did some shopping, were shocked at some prices of their local favourites; i've made my Betty Crocker choc fudge brownies for desert, and we're having a baked leg of lamb for dinner :)

With friendship

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