Sunday, 2 October 2011

5 sleeps

All the paintings are down. Hooks pulled out of the walls.

All MissM’s artwork is off the walls and placed inside her school portfolios for safe keeping.

Special small ornaments are bubble wrapped and in small personal boxes (we can’t pack anything or it negates our insurance, but this should be OK)

This morning I shared a delicious breakfast @ bills (yep, can’t get enough of those Aussie inspired corn fritters) with MsA. Been too long between giggles with her, but we made up for it. Gosh she’s been busy!

I thoroughly enjoyed my last massage in Japan @ REST in Chinatown. Not sure they understood y sayonara was a final goodbye. They have managed to keep my back pain at bay for 3 years without any chiro assistance, but I have to admit, I am looking forward to finding a chiro/physio/masseuse in Winchester.

We all feel like we’re biding our time now, waiting, which in a way we are.

MissM said on the way home ‘I don’t think I’m going to like this week’

WHY? I asked.

‘Cos it’s a week full of last this, and last that and that makes me sad’

I agree! But it also means we’re closer to seeing MsP and CO in Singapore and starting our adventure in the UK ….. oh yeah, she said, smiling.

Insurance forms need a bit more work according to packing company so DH is coming home early to finish them.

We’re having Aussie lamb shanks, roasted in the oven for dinner. YUMMY!

MissM is waiting for Grace, our delightful helper who comes every Monday, to finish up so they can enjoy one final ‘play’ before hugs’n’kisses.

A few people at school commented on how relaxed I looked. When I said, we’re pretty organised, so no need to stress they all laughed and said, if anyone would be organized the week of leaving it would be me hehehehe

MissM saw a few teachers she wanted photos with, so we did that before the first assembly of the year. The new principal postponed them when the weather was so hot, which made perfect sense, but we do miss the daily assembly. This once a week goes against the grain of YIS' community spirit. Hope it returns soon. 

So unless something goes wrong, the last few days of our countdown to leaving will be fairly normal, neigh I say, boring.

With friendship

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