Saturday, 8 October 2011

Going, going ................. gone

WOW what a whirlwind 72 hours.

Just to recap:

Wednesday moved into Pan Pacific Hotel Yokohama

Thursday packers started the wrapping and packing.

Friday packers returned; LAST iced latte, low fat milk, not a lot of ice with friends at Starbucks, Motomachi. I was so touched by the number of girls who popped in. My two favorite baristas presented me with a SB Yokohama Mug with signatures.

I cried a few tears as I turned off several reminder alarms that have been in my iPhone for nearly 3 years:

  • 6.15am Monday - Friday (wake up)
  • 2.30pm Monday - Friday (1/2 hour reminder to collect MissM)
  • 3.30pm Tuesday (While MissM did  Rainbows)
  • 5pm Monday - Friday HOMEWORK
  • 6pm Monday - Thursday start dinner
  • 7.30pm Sunday - Thursday BED TIME

No doubt in a few weeks there will be a new set of times in my new iPhone.

Not sure if I didn't ask, or Dh forgot but he went to work with his car keys and house keys so I ran into the office (thank goodness they had moved recently and were only 15 minutes up the road and not 35); took car to Camel on the way to school to 'sell' it; met MsW with 55 cupcakes decorated with UK Flag, Aussie Flag, Japaense Flag and big smiley faces.

ALL of Grade 2 met on the balcony outside the classrooms, and were joined by MrT, MrMac, MsC for hugs. I'll upload pics next week.

Walked home with MsMac and kids; signed off packers inventory, waited for final inspection of Apt 504 before heading back to Pan Pacific for dinner and finalize suitcases.

Saturday (today) schlepped 5 suitcases and 3 on board bags onto the Airport Limousine coach to Narita.

We got off at Terminal 1 South and DH got off at Terminal 1 North.

The terminal was PACKED! Took us nearly an hour simply to check in. The line waiting to go thru airport securityy was snaking its was around the terminal. Luckily by the time we were done with check-in it had disappeared.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Dh walking towards us as he was in the 'other' terminal. We shared a quick coffee and a few more hugs before boarding our respective planes.

Delays in taking off at Narita due to heavy traffic.

Delays in landing in Singapore due to heavy traffic.

Check in at hotel delayed cos for some reason DH booked it in his name and not mine (he's not in Singapore). Couldn't get TripIt to connect so had no idea what my reservation number was.
For some reason i suggested maybe the booking was in DH's surname ...... and there it was. We were given an upgrade (which i think we get with our global bank as they partner The Fairmont)
Don't care - comfy room, huge bath/shower, enormous bed which i'm about to hop into.

Going to ride the Singapore Flyer tomorrow before meeting MsP and Co for lunch

With friendship

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