Friday, 16 December 2011

It's been a while coming, but LIFE IS GREAT

My mind has stopped racing.

My thoughts are clearer than they’ve been for a long time.

I am sleeping thru the night.

My energy levels are up (tho think they could still be higher).

I am content at home.

This move had a lot riding on it for us a family tho I’m sure it was more of a conscious thought for me than for DH.

Don’t get me wrong. We loved our time in Japan, but as friends who have lived there, or are living there know, it is a hard slog being illiterate most of the time, not really understanding the culture (tho enjoying it immensely), and since the earthquake, the question marks over fresh produce weighs heavily.

The last few months in Japan weren’t the best for us on many levels, and I for one was confused about my sadness in leaving Japan and friends and my excitement to be leaving Japan and ‘starting over’. Many times I found myself consciously lowering my expectations of the move so as not to be disappointed.

The move’s been the right move at the right time.

I’m loosing weight.

I’m sleeping better.

My mood is lighter, happier.

We’ve had friends over for dinners.

MissM’s had friends over for playdates.

We’re laughing as a family unit.

We go for walks with our wellies on looking for holly and acorns.

DH is home for dinner with us most nights, which is such a pleasure.

Our diary has get togethers with friends in it.

I think our stunning home has something to do with it to. Out of every window all you see is grass and trees. Mother Nature at it’s best. We giggle watching squirrels run along the fences, there’s a couple of cats who lay in the sunshine, there’s the perfect tree outside our kitchen with a small garden at it’s base where we’re convinced fairies gather.

My ‘need’ to blog has lowered, in as much as life has taken on a normalness that you experience every day.

The ups and downs of the move have gone til next time.

The mini drama’s of finding a house, school ect have gone, til next time.

So I think, from now on ms_havachat will do just that, pop on from time to time to simply havachat with friends. 

With friendship

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