Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I'm happy, for the first time in a long time, i can actually say the feeling of happiness, contentment, that everything is hunky dory is very apparent in my psyche.

Touching wood with my toes as i type this so as not to jinx anything, we are all really happy and I hate to admit it, cos it's rather too personal to share, but it's been a long time since we were really happy.

Without going into detail, other than what some friends who read ms_havachat may already know, we've had a shocking 18 months starting with the saga of which city to get the lump removed in, DH's brain bleed, MissM's conking out episodes both which resulted in an unplanned extended stay in Sydney (I know there are worst places to be 'stuck' but 'stuck' we felt), resettling into Yokohama, then the earthquake, being evacuated to Sydney without DH, the prolonged stay in Sydney without DH, resettling into Yokohama knowing we were leaving over summer but not being abel to say anything, then not leaving over summer, only to start back to school after saying sayonara, only to leave for the UK a few weeks into the term.

So you can see how 'happiness' and all that goes with it, disappeared.

It's back, in abundance.

We're smiling, laughing, making plans, being sociable, getting out of the house on weekends.

I am happily going to Curves a minimum, yes minimum 3 mornings a week right after school drop off. My clothes are already too loose! I can walk up the stairs without puffing and stopping 1/2 way. I am sleeping thru the night. My hair is growing so damn fast it's costing me a fortune to keep the regrowth under control (hehehehehehe)

So while i may not be blogging as often as i was, there's nothing wrong, in fact it's the exact opposite

With friendship

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