Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Can you talk?

Can you talk?

Three short words on a text, or  over the phone.

Your mind races.

Your heart starts to pound.

Depending on who’s asking, all sorts of crazy thoughts instantly fill your head.

Someone’s died.
Your child needs u at school and they couldn’t reach you.
There’s been an accident.
Someone’s in hospital.
A girlfriends been dumped.
You’re about to be dumped.
Something wonderful needs sharing.
You’re about to be fired.
There’s a secret to be divulged

We usually envisage the worst for some reason. Why is that?

It’s usually never those things thank goodness, just the caller wanting to make sure you’re OK to stop what you’re doing and talk, the kids aren’t around to hassle you or you are a private place to chat, or you aren’t driving.

This morning DH texted me those 3 words and my heart started to pound. He NEVER texts, or even uses those words. I’m the one who does more often than not so I know he’s not in a meeting and actually can talk.

Was he feeling unwell again?
Had he had a car accident on the way to work?
Did school need me for MissM but couldn’t get me?
Had the client signed the contract and we’re staying even longer than planned?
Had the client not signed the contract and we’re outta here?
Had someone died?
Is someone else visiting us?
Do we have an available date to go out with work collegues?

None of the above.


However, the news he shared was worthy of a long conversation that I could not have had anywhere but in the peace and quiet of our home.

I needed to really listen to what he was (and wasn’t) saying so that I could make the appropriate comments and we could have a serious, unemotional conversation.

When we hung up, it dawned on me that maybe the topic was more important to him than he realizes. Otherwise, it could have waited til he was home. The fact that he wanted to share immediately after the phone call and not this evening tells me he’s keen, even if it’s just a little bit.

It’s all good, tho still confidential.

Will probably amount to nothing, but these opportunities (whether expat or not) make you sit up and take a very conscious snapshot of where you life is and where it might go.



Doesn’t really matter to me these days so long as I get to share the adventures with DH and MissM.

With friendship

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