Sunday, 21 October 2012

A new addition to our family

My second cousin and his lovely wife announced on Facebook (where else?) that they have welcomed their second son into their family.

Facebook, yet again, becomes a lifeline to friends and family scattered all over the world. J&F were able to share this incredible moment, including photos and help those of us far away feel included this weekend.

He's the second baby born after MissM - so she's now the proud big cousin to two little boys.

Of course this weekend and the coming weeks are all about the new bub, but I can't help being a little bit indulgent and saying how damn homesick I am right now and a little bit cheesed off that we aren't home sharing this fabulous family moment and having lots of cuddles with bub and his parents and grandparents (my first cousin and his wife who are also BF's, how great is that relationship?) and the rest of the family.

Even tho it's second/third cousins, we are a very close knitted family. In fact, that was the main reason most people didn't think we'd agree to moving overseas, let alone still be here.

MissM has articulated so beautifully how she feels 'I'm a big cousin to two little boys who won't know who I am cos I don't live with them. When will we go back to Sydney to see everyone? Promise me i can see my two little cousins'

She LOVES her big cousins to pieces and will take on the role of being these little one's big cousins very seriously.

Well, you can imagine. The tears flowed, and haven't stopped.

Wishing everyone back home much love and happiness,

See you all soon (tho still got no dates booked)

With friendship

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