Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

My first blog of 2013 and I'm stumped.

Too  many thoughts in my head or left over Apple Sourz in my system to concentrate and make sense.

Best to keep it short'n'simple.

My sincere wish is that 2013 is full of a really cool balance of good’n’not-so-good, cos without one, the other can’t be appreciated.

I keep seeing the Yin/Yang symbol in my minds eye these past few weeks and think that's it.

For every action there's a reaction.

For most things, there's an opposite.

Some of us are slightly out of balance. Several friends really truly deserve a bloody break, and soon. 

There are so many clichés shared at this time of year that it’s hard to find simple words to convey what we really truly expect from the year ahead before it’s even started.

I’ve typed and deleted several paragraphs a number of times as the things I am hoping for this year are very self centered and well, in the scheme of things frivolous.

MrsP posted a link her FB page earlier about resolutions, and it’s one of those ‘OMG how did you know I needed to read this’ reaction.

This was the first time I’d seriously considered making a few resolutions. 

There are a few things I seriously need to change about my attitude/s, and things DH and I need to sort thru. But after reading this I’m not making resolutions.

I’m going to write a list of all the wonderful things we have in our life, and keep going forward. The other stuff will work itself out, it always does.

So, on Day 1 of a New Year my only thoughts are of the people I love, and who love me, of happy times past, present and to come and being very thankful for all I have in my life.

With friendship

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