Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Huge congratulations to MissM

MissM always greets me with a smile at the end of the school day.

Today was different.

She was beaming.

She was bursting with pride.

She held something in her hand - a laminated 'something'

Her lovely teacher smiled at me and motioned a 'cheer' with her hands.

MissM looked at me and said 'you'll never ever guess what I got today?'
Me: What did you get today?
MissM: Well, not just me, but Harriet, and Ollie, and Emma too.
Me:  What did you all get today?
MissM: don't scream mama, promise ....... (I nod) THIS (showing me the certificate) and it's for MATH - do you believe it?
Heads Commendations are the highest academic compliment the school gives during the year. The Heads of Departments are the one's who decide who, if anyone is to receive one. It's presented at the weekly assembly by the Headmistress along with a handshake.

(conversation continues)
Me: WOW Mia, congratulations. I DO believe it, you've worked so hard.
MissM: But did you hear me, Harriet and Ollie and Emma did too - we all get 5 points for our house which means Chestnut gets 20 points this week because of us.
Me: That's awesome team work honey.

On the way home in the car, she asked if she could call her daddy to share the news with him.

MissM: Dada, can you talk?
Him: Yes.
MissM: You'll never guess what I'm holding in my hand.
Him: Probably not, tell me.
MissM: Wait for it .... are you ready? A heads commendation from MrsA for 'significant improvement in the Termly Tables Test' Can you believe it?
Him: Yes I can, you've worked hard honey and you did well. Congratulations.
MissM: ANNNNNDDDDD Harriet and Ollie and Emma did to - we all got house points for Chestnut which is extra awesome don't you think.
Him: If you say so honey.

After ballet, for the first time ever, MissM says 'I think I should just go over my maths homework one more time to see if it's all ok before i have to hand it in tomorrow'. I try to act as naturally as possible, while wanting to do Hi-5's all over the house ..... great idea honey.

What a difference one laminated piece of paper makes to a little girls who's been trying so very hard this past year to not only fit into a new social structure at a new school, but to close the gaps in some areas of her education in order to meet the standards and expectations of her new school.

She has done incredibly well.

We are so very proud of her.

She is so very proud of herself, and deserves to be (Oh, and we can't forget Harriet, Ollie and Emma too)

With friendship

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