Friday, 1 February 2013

Bring on Mid Term Break

We are ready!

Mid term break is only a few weeks away and we’ve got things not only planned, but also booked into the diary.

I’m actually looking forward to it.

I wish I was one of those mums who couldn’t wait for school holidays but they make me nervous. I think I’m getting better, or is it ‘we’ are getting better as MissM gets older and we can work out how to spend the time together.

It’s only a short break but it’s much easier approaching it with things to look forward to as opposed to an empty diary and wondering what on earth to do.

MissM and I discussed what we’d like to do and came up with a short list:

A few pj days at home.
A movie.
Lunch out.
Catch up with friends.

There’s an art’n’craft morning at school being hosted by the talented Art Teacher that MissM asked if she could do. They are going to make a paper mache treasure box.

In Japan we started a closed FB group as a means of instantly connecting with one another during school holidays and planning outings. Meet here at 10am tomorrow and we’ll go to Ikea; or ‘we’re going to the indoor play centre, anyone like to join us’

I thought I’d start one here with school friends, and it’s taken a while to catch on but one mum simply posted ‘is anyone doing any activity camps over the midterm and if so, would you please let me know so Tom (not his real name) has a friend there’

Suddenly several people respond and we have action, we have communication. I did bump into a few mums at the local coffee shop with diaries and pens, or iPhones ready to pop in dates. They were talking about picking up and dropping of kids, play dates etc. Guess you just gotta be in the right group at the right time.

I learned a friends daughter is doing a gymnastics camp at school. I would never have known otherwise and am very grateful. When I suggested to MissM she give it a try she was very enthusiastic.

It’s still a mystery to me, and will probably remain so why people here are so private about what they get up to. My British friends in Japan asked me to let them know what I find different, or odd about life in the UK seeing as we all experienced a very different life in Japan.

One thing I do find different is the ‘private-ness’ of Brits.  Takes people a long time, if ever to open up. When I’ve mentioned this to friends here they nod their heads and agree.

MissM’s plans means I  can still attend my Ikebana class and go for a few walking training sessions for MoonWalk.

School goes back mid February to finish the term and we’re back on holidays as opposed to a mid term break from March 22-April 15 (seems a long time, must double check school calendar). This one might be more challenging to plan, but I’m for it.

I have no idea how working families manage the holidays.

With friendship

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  1. Shelley - I am the same. Sometimes I approach school holidays with a little scared feeling in in my stomach - and sometimes not. As I, and the kids, have gotten older it has become easier. They either don't want to hang out with me or we can talk about what to do. Or I am just the taxi service from one stop to another. I look forward to no alarm clock (although it still wakes me to wake hubby - hmmm)and no hurrying after school with activities and homework!!!!