Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hello World

Hello World

A few months ago the thought of ramping up ms-havachat started to creep into my consciousness and encouraged me to start looking at lots and I mean LOTS of blogs to see what other people were doing, how they were presenting themselves, what links they promoted, their subject matter and more.

Like most things in life, there is an array of choices. There are incredibly talented, creative, professionally written blogs and some really basic ones that make one cringe. Sorry but some are truly awful.

Where do you see ms-havachat? Fingers crossed, it's somewhere in the middle.

There's a number of expat blog sites that foster and promote sites like ms-havachat. Their logos appear on several blogs I follow (and have listed on the right of this chat so you can quickly click thru to them) and I wondered what did they do to earn the right to have the logo on their page and how can I do the same as I'd LOVE to have the same logos on ms-havachat.

So I clicked thru ..........................

And completed the online registration forms .........

And waited ........

It took a few days, but an APPROVAL email was received inviting ms-havacht to choose one of their many logos (different colors and pixel size) to promote on the home page.

In case you missed them on the right hand side of the screen, here they are:

WOW! Whatever the blogs I follow and admire are doing, ms-havachat's done the same.

So HELLO to any new followers who found ms-havachat via the various expat blog sites. You are very welcome to join in any and all conversations. Please feel free to join my followers (there are more friendly stalkers than registered followers but that's my friends) so I know who you are, especially if you blog too.

THANK YOU to my existing ones for giving me the courage and confidence to write about our life as an expat family (tho not that much confidence and courage cos mum still doesn't know I blog, nor do a few good friends, nor the inlaws - they will in time, but not just yet and don't ask me why I haven't shared with them, cos I'm not sure)

With friendship


  1. Happy to have you on BlogExpat! Can't wait to follow along with your expat adventures.

    Erin Porter
    Content Editor of EasyExpat

  2. Very happy to be part of the BlogExpat community, Erin xo