Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Taking school to London

MissM had a great day today.

They went on a field trip into London to the British Museum to check out Ancient Egyptian stuff.

She came home tired, wired and hungry.

Seems those Egyptians were very rich and very clever.

They had slaves to do a lot of work for them, make pottery bowls and plates, fancy jewellery, while the Pharaohs didn't do much at all.

The slaves washed, cooked, fished in the Nile - a really long river.

They didn't write cursive like MissM has to, but with pictures called hieroglyphics (which MissM said so emphasising each syllable).

They didn't have books either, just lots of pictures on stones called tablets, but not tablets you take when your backs sore, or like an iPads a tablet (which ended up being a diversion to how silly the English language can be)

The Pharaohs are the kings and when they die they are made into mummies, not like you mummy but mummies all wrapped up in white stuff and buried with all their stuff. IMAGINE how big their graves are. Did PapaM get buried with his stuff? No, honey he didn't. Oh.

They made the slaves build huge pyramids. Can we go to Egypt and see them? I told everyone that I saw small ones in Japan but they didn't believe me (she did, at Tobu World Square in Kyoto, well worth a visit)

She then started to ask me questions about being Jewish and Pharoahs and being slaves and I thought 'oh no, what now?' it's too late for this kind of conversation but she kept asking.

So we did the story of Passover and sang a few songs (and it took me all my time not to cry remembering so many incredible memories of the family sitting around the table singing and talking all at once, and AuntyA's song sheets) and I said that Passover is a few weeks away and we will have a special dinner to celebrate.

I wanted to get the conversation back to today's field trip so I simply asked 'did you have fun today at the Museum? to which she said, with a dead pan look on her face, head tilted to one side, what do you think?'

I waited, saying nothing.

Of course I did, she yelled.

What was the best bit? I asked.

It was brilliant being in the real world seeing real stuff event tho it was so old and broken. I wish school could be like that every day it was awesome tho London is a long way on the coach.

So, taking school to London, or anywhere that's real and has tangible content works.

Homework was a breeze!

With friendship

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