Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunshine is so good for the soul

We've had two amazing days of sunshine and blue skies.

It's not been hot by any stretch of the imagination, but it's been sunny, and dry, and the skies been blue and that's all that counts.

Yesterday MissM and I walked home from Winchester. I've done the walk a few times but MissM's never ever done it.  The sun was shining and we thought might-as-well. It took us over an hour (we strolled) and we commented on all the things we don't normally see on the way into Winchester cos we're in the car. You really do notice more when you walk.

We stopped and moo'd at calves in a field.

We stopped and played Pooh Sticks near the Church.

We skipped (yes, I did too) between bus stops.

We walked thru a cemetry and read a few headstones. The oldest we found was 1872.

We looked at the entire field on the side of the road, and realized just how big it was, and also it was a very interesting shape. It meandered like a stream far off into the distance. Did it go under the motorway or simply stop?

We wondered why no one snuck out at night and cut the daffodils for the vases at home. I'd love to have the courage, and non-civic-mindedness to do that.

We read the local news on the Parish Community Board but nothing was of interest.

We stopped and peered up long drive ways to incredible houses that are hidden by bushes and walls.

It was a great walk in the sunshine and hopefully we'll do it again and notice more stuff.

Foolishly I didn't think to take any photos along the way, or is that a sign we were having such a great time together that I couldn't be bothered.

MissM has a friend sleeping over a few nights. Sadly her grandmother passsed away and her parents and older siblings are flying to Spain for the funeral on Monday and for all sorts of reasons MissH is with us.

We had plans to go out today but the girls decided they would rather stay home and play so we agreed providing it was outside play - they've been couped up inside for months because of the weather so they were going to be out in it all day.

They schlepped picnic blanket, picnic chairs, pillows and a tray overloaded with morning tea onto the grass area. They came back into the house for Guess Who, skipping ropes, hula hoops and parasols.

They cart wheeled and tumbled on the grass.

They had races between the fence and the steps.

The squealed at bees.

They played with the wheel barrow and prepared the fairy garden for Spring.

We had lunch on the patio (one of only a handful of times we've used the table since Easter 2012) and sat and chatted and giggled.

After lunch G and I chatted and read in the sun, sipping coffee.

Again, no photos (tho I took a video of the girls on the trampoline for MissH's mum) cos were were just there, in the moment enjoying ourselves.

The sunshine and blue skies has made such a difference to this weekend ..... then the clouds started to roll in and the sun was hidden and we're back inside doing what we've done for weeks.

One day does not make spring ........

Is it too selfish to WANT a hundred days in a row of sunshine and blue skies?

Sunshine is more than vitamin D, it's so good for the soul.

We've been home all day on a Sunday and I don't care on hoot.

I know I know its the UK ..... but as MissM often says, in a reall gutteral tone KUM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With friendship

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