Thursday, 16 May 2013

G's on his way ......

As usual, G has started our new adventure before us.

He spent one day THERE last week for a meet'n'greet, and he's THERE again today and tomorrow.

Yesterday was his last official day at work here in the UK, and still no signed contract.

MissM wasn't too fussed about him going, but did suggest K could 'find another employee who lived THERE to do the job'. When G explained that he has skills and experience that no one THERE has MissM says so matter of factly we nearly wet ourselves 'well then, you should simply train them to do what you do'

With grandparents arriving on Saturday, and G working THERE Monday - Thursday every week until we all move in August it will be interesting to see MissM's response when we tell her in a few weeks we are all moving THERE. We're hoping that it won't be a shock as G's been traveling back'n'forth.

He's still deciding whether to book a hotel for the several weeks he needs, and have them do his washing/ironing and eat out; or book into a serviced apartment and have the option to cook/eat in, or out, and have to find a laundromat to do his washing. Either way, he's decided (a) not to schlep his clothes back and forth and (b) by not bringing his washing/ironing home each weekend means we are free to just hang out as a family and not be worried by 'chores'.

A serviced apartment makes more sense as he can simply keep everything there and lock the door tho washing/ironing might be trickier; tho he will need to pack/unpack his bag in a hotel as the room will be booked mid week rates. That's works HR's problem, but it still has been a hot topic of conversation for us.

The only things I enjoy when G's away is eating dinner at a normal time and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Otherwise, I hate it. Thank goodness he doesn't do it all that often.

With friendship

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