Sunday, 5 May 2013

So This Is How If Feels

For some reason, while using FB on my iPhone last night, as I do ALL THE TIME, the app just closed.

I've obviously changed my password to one I've never ever used before cos I can't get back into my FB app on my phone. FB's links to fixing passwords ain't working (for me at least) so I haven't even been able to attempt to fix it. I've even written down all the variations of the passwords I usually use and entered them one by one to no avail.

I'm scared YES SCARED if I close FB on my laptop I'll never be able to access my friends and their news again unless I set up a new account and have to start over.


I've got several years of my life and friends lives invested in FB.

I'm one of the rare folk who would be more than happy to pay a monthly fee to FB so long as they stopped mucking around with my privacy settings, and making unnecessary changes.

It's such a life line to the outside world!

My FRIENDS are on FB!

As most of us live thousands of miles from each other, FB is our permanent link to each other. We can meet up once every 5 years (as I'm doing in a few days in Dublin) and will be able to pick up a conversation because of the chats, photos and more we've shared on FB.

The friends who live up the road are busy so we keep in touch in between face-to-face time on FB.

Sadly we don't send cards anymore, but you still get to wish a friend happy birthday, or congratulations when they share good news, or write them a private message when times are tough.

FB is a habit, and yes, I am probably addicted to it.

I know I use it way too much.

I know I probably rely on it way too much to keep in touch.

I know I sometimes share way too much, but hey, that's just me.

Having lost FB off my iPhone I am wondering do I need it back or merely want it back - does the world have to see a pic of me at lunch when I'm actually there? Do they need to know at 3.58pm we were leaving such'n'such a place? Do I need to know every couple of hours what friends are up to? Can't it wait til I'm home?

FB is an odd phenomena that has over taken our, OK, my life but it's a good addiction, at least in my opinion tho i did read that FB is loosing millions of users a month according to many.

The thought of starting over with a new social media isn't attractive at all - it's like changing your bank, or private health insurer.

Do you access FB from your phone? WHY? How often?

Do you think you'd manage without it?

Any suggestions on how I can retrieve it would be most grateful as the withdrawal is already awful for me at least,

With friendship

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