Sunday, 8 September 2013

An Aussie Election

In case you missed it, which, depending on where you live is a 50/50 chance ... Australia's Federal Election was yesterday.

With so many countries overthrowing their leaders, where thousands gather in city squares to protest for democracy and freedom, where reports of massacres are so common place that the world at large has become numb to the horrors - Australians were absolutely, 100% free to let the sitting government (Labor) that they had had enough and they were no longer going to have the privilege of managing hte country anymore.

They did this simply by voting them out of office.

Australians are too savvy to know that no one wins elections - they loose them.

Do the wrong thing to too long and you're gone.

I don't profess to understand Politics at all, and since living away from Australia we don't know first hand what's going on, tho of course FB comments and newspaper articles keep us well informed! We gather it's been a very messy time, with minimal leadership and lots of ego, with the opposition blocking policy for the sake of it, and way too much personal bitching and attacks for our liking.

I've enjoyed watching the FB feeds from friends, the cartoons they've posted, the links to newspaper articles and TV clips from the nightly news over the short lead up to election day.

It's sad to think that there was no choice in a leader. The guy who got ousted simply didn't deserve to be there and the opposition didn't put forward a popular choice. So the guy we've elected not only leads the country these next 3 years, but will also be on the world stage from time to time, the person who represents us, the person who will influence the cultural shift.

Already people are voicing their opinions loud and clear that gay marriage IS OK, despite the new PM being of the belief it so-is-not (wonder if people power will win this one?), that climate change or whatever the heck's going on is actually happening (he doesn't think it is), that women are absolutely entitled to equal pay for equal work and a choice in where that role is (he's so 1950's about womens role despite having 3 very well educated daughters)

Already people are voicing their opinions loud and clear that there is an alternative PM within the Liberal/Democrats ....... we all know who he is and he'd be amazing, so one wonders why the party faithful (as we like to call them) didn't elect him leader and take the party to the election yesterday.

We'll all be watching and waiting.

We'll be doing it without bombs and riots, without protests, without the need for the military to come in and help keep the peace, we'll be doing it with cartoons in newspapers, and lots of editorial space in newspapers and on TV, on social media pages, and Twitter.

We'll be doing it as friends, buddies, mates who just happen to have a difference of opinion.

Thank goodness we are lucky to call Australia home.

The rest of the world could learn at least this from us if nothing else.

With friendship

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