Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Homework Monster

Everyone loves these Monsters!

Each one lovable in their own crazy way.

They are kind and caring towards each other, they work as a team, even tho they are in competition with each other to be Scarer of the Month and deep down, love the kids they scare.

Like Monsters from Monsters Inc, most households have a Homework Monster to some degree. Some are more patient than others, some have louder voices, while others whisper to the child/ren in their care.

Sadly MissM's Homework Monster isn't so nice.

Her Homework Monster can be ferocious.

It has been heard to speak in such a harsh, loud, dare one say, booming voice that resonates off the walls at times that it scares the pants off MissM.

From time to time it has been heard to swear and cuss under it's breath at the most innocent of victims.

Patience!?!??! NONE!

Often MissM's Homework Monster is fighting back tears as it knows damn well it's been horrid for no reason, and treating her so unfairly.

What do I do? Asks MissM sweetly?
I don't know replies the Homework Monster .... I wasn't in class with you. What did MrP say?
I can't remember, says MissM.
TRY roars the Homework Monster.

Surely the teachers go thru the work with the child/ren before giving them homework?

Why don't the child/ren remember?

What does this say? asks MissM of an entry in her own handwriting in her diary.
Gosh MissM, I'm not sure says Homework Monster.
Oh well, if i can't read it then I guess I can't do it she says, ready to leap off her chair.
OH NO YOU DON'T bellows Homework Monster - you wrote it down, what does it say?
Eventually between them they work it out.

Neat handwriting helps.
Letters are either long, or short or tall - what's with yours?
Why can't you copy what's in front of you? Do it again!

Homework Monster stops.

Takes a deep breath.

Hugs MissM tightly, kissing her on the forehead.

Let's start over, shall we ...........

MissM's Homework Monster has to dig real deep and remind itself what a noun is, or how to turn a noun into a verb, or how to do long division well enough to explain it to someone else, or how to make a volcano, or know how to speak/read/write/comprehend French, or Spanish or Japanese or Irish. It's not the brightest Monster in the pack.

Thank goodness the Homework Monster disappears as quickly as it arrives. It usually stays for 20-30 minutes Monday to Friday, around the same time so MissM is getting used to it showing up which in itself is unsettling for her. Imagine, even before she's picked up a pencil or opened her diary, she's aware that maybe just maybe the Homework Monster will appear for not apparent reason. Trepidation fills the air; fidgeting is on high alert, no wonder the poor kid can't focus.

The Homework Monster is always regretful and apologetic for it's behavior.

Afterall, it should know better, it's the grown up.

It promises, again, to be patient, and kinder, to ask more questions and be helpful. To speak quietly.

MissM and her Homework Monster are usually great friends, and when they get along they are a formidable team. They laugh and sing together, they create and have fun.

They love each other to the moon and back, except for 20-30minutes on some week days and both of them are committed to banishing the Homework Monster for good sooner rather than later.

The Homework Monster doesn't mind. He needs to be gone.

(In case you didn't guess, I'm the homework monster and I hate myself every single afternoon)

With friendship

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