Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 In Review

As we near the end of 2013 various newspapers, online media, magazines and TV shows will offer up a review of the year. We'll be reminded of the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of world events, be reminded of the famous and not so famous people who have passed away, listen to a roll call of the Top 100 songs of the years, or read the list of Top 50 movies/books/achievements etc.

Many of our American friends (tho it is becoming more popular across other nationalities) email/post their families Year in Review by sharing what they've been up to these past 12 months, and what they hope for the New Year. What I love most about receiveing these are the photographs, seeing how the kids change year to year.

So please bear with me while I share our Year in Review

January 2013

Hinton House thru the trees


Mr and Mrs H visited

Chinese New Year with B&E in Winchester

Day trip to Bath, UK

Weekend in London. MissM slept over at B&E's and
we saw We Will Rock You and toured Westminster Abbey
amongst a few other things. 

Sunday at Lullington learning about Roman Villa's

Knowle House was incredibly large and very beautiful.
I flew to Dublin for an IWCD Reunion.
We knew by now that we were definitely returning
at the end of summer.
MIL and FIL arrived from Sydney on Saturday, and
G startedflying back'n'forth to Dublin on the Monday.
Not the best timing, but couldn't be helped.

MissM was so happy they were able to
 share Grandparents Day at school

The weather was so lovely, we were able to
use our outdoor setting many times over summer.

MIL, FIL and MissM went to Isle of Wight
for mid term break

We went to Barcelona

Our last trip to the New Forest, shared
with MIL and FIL.


MissM's combined farewell/birthday sleep over
party with her 4 best friends
B&E's visit ..... great weather ....
lunch on the patio with MIL and FIL
G home - all good.
A much need family holiday in Majorca.
It was great to spend 5 consecutive days with G.
MissM LOVED the pools.
MIL and FIL came too.

Farewell lunch at home with friends.
It was so hot, we ate inside.

Starting to pack what we were taking in the car
to Ireland vs what was being shipped.
Professionals move in to pack us up.

Think I packed the car very well.
G flew back to collect us, and we all drove
to Ireland together.

We spent our first night in Dublin nearly 8 years ago at
St Helens Hotel, but this time we were in a suite!

UNpacking in our new home

Settled in our new home.
We've yet again found a
lovely lovely home.

MissM started school.
I renewed by membership with International Women's Club.
Met a few neighbours.
Caught up with old friends.


Mid term visit with MrsS and Co in Budapest.
What an interesting city.

B&E visited us in Dublin and we went to
Glendalogh for the day.


Chanukah at home, just the 3 of us.

JR and MsC visited for a few nights 

One of the prettier and original Xmas decorations
on Grafton Street.

Magnificent Newgrange. 

Christmas Day was more enjoyable that I thought it would be, once I decided to focus on where I was, rather than where I wanted to be.

We've spent New Years Eve (day) watching live feeds of fireworks in Sydney, and will be spending a quiet night at home (the local fireworks will probably be washed out as it's poured off and on all day) with a half bottle of Moet (G doesn't drink) and we'll wake up tomorrow and do it all again ....... friends posted lots of well wishes for the NY, here are some of my favorite for you, my wonderful friends who I chat with .................

may you have more ups than downs, more happiness than sadness, more good health than bad, may your cakes rise every time, may you have many friends to cook for, have the courage to purge the material things you don't use/need, along with the people with whom friendship isn't equal, take as many opportunities to travel, dedicate one day a month to YOU and no one else, put your mobile devices away when you are in the company of others, and above all, respect one another just a little bit more.

Much love and friendship as we embark on a New Year,


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