Saturday, 18 January 2014

Gift Giving Gets Harder and Harder

It's G's birthday today (I did start writing this yesterday and wanted to post it right away but .....)

He's very difficult to buy for. Always has been. Guess he always will be.

Most of us struggle from time to time when buying gifts for the men in our lives - sox, ties, books, grog, golf/tennis/squash oriented bits, technical gadgets, remote control toys daredevil experiences on Red Balloon or Virgin Experiences ........ it's difficult to think of something 'really special' and different. Now, some of my girlfriends are equally difficult to buy for - so I'm wondering is it ME who has the problem buying the 'right thing' as I'm the common denominator.

The last couple of weeks have been fraught with research of what to get G for his birthday. It's not a '0' birthday but still, it's a day to be made special!

He could open a tie shop. He has the most stunning collection of ties, in magnificent fabrics and colors. It's kinda sad they are all packed away as work has become less formal (tho he does wear a suit most days). Most of the ties have been gifts - between Fathers Day, birthday, Christmas, or bought on holidays (two stunning ones from Jim Thompson come to mind) for their uniqueness, or 'just because i love you' gifts.

He owns a lovely collection of creative cufflinks from a simply stunning pair of Tiffany from SIL and BIL on his 30th) to a clever pair (DOT and the other COM). From plain to oranate, from serious to comical.  I was introduced to London CuffLinks by my old boss on The Australian and have invested well with them over the years until I realised how monotonous it was getting.

He buys his own clothes.

When we first met, and I was employed, I thoroughly enjoyed spoiling him with pens, golf clubs, ties, cuff links, nights away and more - as you do.

How much aftershave or cologne can one many have?

He loves to cook and MissM and I bought him Heston Blumenthal at Home for his birthday last year, and more reently, The Irish Beef Book by Pat Whelan. So another cook book would be a bit OTT.

He has the most amazing set of golf clubs his parents bought him for his 30th birthday, and either he, or they have added specialist clubs ever since. Plus, if he needs something golfy, he buys it.

He's not really a dare devil; we've not been here long enough for him to have a male-possee to go on a golfing weekend with; our babysitter double booked us so I had to cancel our dinner (tho we are going Japanese with MissM which will be lovely)

GGGRRRRRRRRR gift giving gets harder and harder, don't you think, especially for the men in our lives?

We can always have another piece of jewellery, or a new handbag or wallet, another bottle of perfume, an ornament, or bunch of flowers. A scarf, gloves, pashmina, trinket. But men. OMG!?!?!?!??!?

Like most of us fortunate these days to have disposable income, if we want/need something we tend to buy it, rather than waiting til birthdays or Christmas.

MissM and I have been struggling these past few weeks trying to come up with a brilliant idea for tomorrow's gift giving. It's hard having had to come up with Christmas gifts a few weeks ago.

She's so sweet; she wanted to send him away on a golf weekend. Buy him one ticket to see The Hobbit (as it's not a movie I want to see). She asked him last night if he liked playing with figures cos she thought we could buy a few Hobbit figures and they could play with her castle and fairy folk.

During the week she had her 'best idea yet'.

Wrap her up in a box and when he opens it, she jumps out really high and says happy birthday daddy.

Yesterday I was inspired while walking around Dundrum Shopping Centre.

He's been using a daggy old European pillow to recline with on the lounge for over a year now. The thing is falling apart. He loves his two new European pillows with the most beautiful covers, and two matching cylinder shaped ones with matching covers (or at least he was kind to pretend to)

I'm hoping that 'it's the thought that counts' and our words on his birthday cards and what we do for him, and how much we love every single day of the year that makes tomorrow a Very Happy Birthday for him.

What sort of things do you buy the man/men in your life?
Is it a struggle?
Do you give birthday gifts to each other?

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