Monday, 30 June 2014

It's Back to Reality

Our Italian Summer Adventure is over and we are left with incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Have to say, everything went to plan which is great.

All our hotels were as described online so there were no surprises, tho the last one wasn't as good as it could have been.

The tours we booked were very enjoyable and we'd happily recommend them.

No one got sick. No one got hurt. There were no interruptions from work.

We've 1,618 photo's to sort thru (again cos we've culled them once when we uploaded them) and pop into albums. It's going to be a family affair for sure as I usually do the initial creation and writing, then G reviews before we send them off to be published.

Now I'm on the new MacBook Air and the iPhoto app has been updated (my laptop WAS several years old) there's a really good selection of albums and layouts to choose from, tho MyPublisher is very good and has regular sales promotions so think we'll stick with MyPublisher.

Bags are unpacked and things are away.

The garden's been watered and looks happier for it.

The various books we bought have had JUNE 2014 inscribed on the inside covers.

MissM has found a place on her memory table for her the new additions.

The sun is shining.

Several loads of washing have been done already, while a few are ready to be folded, tho I'm not ready to fold them (from that perspective, I'm still very much on holidays)

Just completed an online grocery shop for delivery tomorrow.

Ordered MissM's 4th class school books online.

Skyped with Mum.

Every window is open to the fresh air and sunshine (did I mention it's SUNNY)

G's back to work with over 500 emails to attend to.

I didn't have that many, but there were a few waiting to be dealt with.

MissM's in the cool of the lounge room watching TV and playing.

G has a massage booked for tomorrow night.

MissM has a friend over tomorrow.

Gardeners here Saturday morning.

It's always nice to go away, but it's just as nice to come home to your comfy bed (and my cousin said,  your own toilet).

I was looking forward to a change of clothes and shoes, of not carrying around my travel bag across my body and maintaining an even body temperature.

MissM was missing her TV shows, and her toys (she's still a kid at heart which is lovely), and G just wanted his comfy bed.

We all slept really really well last night in our own comfy beds, and now it's back to reality and planning the next vacation (ssshh don't tell G, he'll freak out)

What's your 'return from holiday' routine?
What do you miss the most about home when you're away?
What do you do with all the photos you take?

With friendship

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