Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mission POSSIBLE - Clothes Shopping

A few months ago we chatted about clothes shopping. I referred to it as Mission IMpossible after a frustrating few hours at the local shopping centre. Still not sure if it's me or them, as I don't think clothes shopping has ever been something I've enjoyed doing.

I really don't want to be mutton dressed up as lamb as my grandmother would say, but I also don't want to be the other way round. I'm so-not-old, but I'm not young either. Maybe this is how MissM feels as she enters tween-hood.

Yesterday I stumbled across a lovely new (new to me, not sure how new it actually is) clothes shop near my amazing butcher (Whelans). As MissM was with me, and I had promised her 'just the butcher then we'll go home' I quickly popped in for a sticky beak cos the window display was so inviting! Even
MissM agreed, they were 'mummy clothes'.

She asked me what I was looking for and I said, 'we're going on a touring holiday this summer and I need a couple of pairs of easy to wear cool pants and a top or two'

She zipped around the shop pulling complete outfits together with ease.

This top, with this pant and a cute little top. I said no to quite a few items; either they didn't suite me, or I didn't like the fabric, or I had nothing to wear with them and didn't want to spend more money making one item work.

The saleslady/manager/owner was delightful! She interacted with MissM while I tried on numerous items of pants, tops, jackets and more. Her honesty was a pleasant surprise as not everything DID look good on me. OK, now we know what suits you off she went to get another tunic and loose jacket for a layered look which 'really suits you' (she said).

By the time we were done, I had tried on 6 different styles of pants, 8 tunic tops, 3 jackets and 3 tops! I actually purchased two pairs of 3/4 length cotton linen pants, a tunic/dress and a scarf for MissM.

Great service.

Lovely conversation.

Brilliant clothes at very good prices.

I'll be back.

Mission POSSIBLE for summer holidays. Off to sort out tops'n'bottoms for trip!

Are you a Mission POSSIBLE or IMpossible when it comes to clothes shopping?
What's your best/not-so-best feature?
Do you prefer High Street or Boutique?
Are you a mix'n'match kinda gal?
Do you like being pandered to while shopping or prefer to go-it-alone?

With friendship

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