Sunday, 1 June 2014

One More Sleep til Flora Mini Marathon

MrsD and I registered for tomorrows Flora Mini Marathon this morning.

This is her 3rd or 4th year participating and my first.

The organisers hold a 3 day registration fair at the RDS and buy stuff.

What's a women's event without even the littlest bit of shopping?

I had my taro cards read along with a crystal ball reading while MrsD wandered off and got her eyebrows threaded for a mere Euro10.

MrsD stopped in her tracks when she saw on the end of one isle of exhibitors Herbalife, and another diet factory company directly opposite a cupcake stall. We couldn't help but laugh but she was softly angry that 'this is what's wrong with women - we eat, then we diet'

There were all sorts of fashion on sale, and various sports oriented companies from clothes to healthy eating, and health products - hair straightening, cosmetics.

We split the cost of a buy-one-get-one-free 'elegant depilation' pack. A small soft sandpaper type product that really does scrub off the hairs on your body, leaving it silky soft! Just in time for summer holidays too. There were jewellery sellers and of course, you could get a coffee.

A gorgeous little man from the UK stopped us and invited us to try his makeup ...... MrsD just had to say 'that looks amazing' didn't she! Even if it did, I really didn't want to buy makeup. To return her generosity, I insisted she sit down and try the make up too ...... it really did look lovely. So rather than offering us a discount to buy two sets, the little man from the UK threw in one more product for the same price - we walked away very happy.

Everyone received a goodies bag full of promotional stuff.

The most unusual and resourceful item is the 4 saftey pins to secure your number onto your t-shirt! I'd have been running around the house searching for one, let alone 4!

MrsD has had t-shirts made for us (will upload pic after the event)

My fundraising is going really well THANK YOU to everyone who's sponsored me. An initial modest target of Euro200 has been well surpassed, and it's closer to Euro400.  Fundraising online is brilliant especially as friends living outside of Dublin are able to sponsor easily. A few friends have said they'll sponsor me and haven't as yet, so I'm quietly hoping to get to Euro500, which would make the world of difference to Special Needs Parents Association (100% volunteer based, not one cent of government funding)

We collected our official bits for tomorrow's marathon. We had lunch. And found a new way to remove unwanted hair.

Not bad for a Sunday.

With friendship

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