Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sometimes a First Time Sux

G's never done this before.

In 20+ years he reckons, it's never ever happened to him.

Oh, we've all seen it happen to other people.

I'm selfishly pleased HE did it and not MissM or I.

G never rants or raves, he's one of the quietest natured people I've ever met.

But this is something that I'm sure, if one of us had done it, he'd have had something to say. Or maybe his silence would have been worse.

Luckily, we'll never know, cos HE did it for the first time, not us.

While taking a selfie of us at the Panthenon, as you do, his phone slipped out of his hand and fell onto the ancient cobblestones, bouncing between them.

We were part of a large tour group.

He didn't make a fuss.

I just looked at him, gobsmacked.

The Panthenon could wait. It wasn't going anywhere.

He turned then phone on.


I reached out to touch him, and he recoiled ever so slightly.

What was going on in his head?

I know I was thinking - all the stunning photos he's taken; the map app that was so helpful in getting us around Venice, Florence and now Rome.

Fortunately, all his work stuff is on his laptop, and he's only been away for a week (seems like so much longer we are so relaxed and having such an amazing time) so he can catch up quickly if needed.

He slipped the broken but not smashed, phone into his pocket and we continued the tour.

He caught up on FB on the laptop last night.

Did a few emails too.

He skipped breakfast .... went to Vodaphone to buy a new phone. The shop was being renovated, and the temporary address was written in Italian on the window. He managed to find his way to the new shop - made himself understood 'I would like to buy a phone without a plan'

He's back at the hotel room now.

The new phone is being charged.

It's a first for many reasons, and thank goodness, only one sux.

With friendship

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