Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Travel Blog No3 - Rome Day 1

The train from Florence to Rome was another success!

Our hotel, Hotel Piemonte is within walking distance from the main train station, Terminus and surrounded with cafes and restaurants. MissM's doing so well schlepping her little suitcase while G and I have the larger ones.

We even managed to find a laundromat for the bit of washing we've accumulated.

Our room was ready early and we were very relieved to see a lift to take us and our bags to the second floor.

The room is an acceptable size for the 3 of us, double bed with a single along the wall, theres a large window with electronically controlled shutters; good size bathroom with a BATH.

A €10 deposit gets you a key to the tiny safe in the wall, but it's large enough to hold passport wallet, extra cash and a few other small items, but not much else.

As usual, we walked the local area and had lunch at Bar Florian's. We had such a nice meal.

Back to the room for a rest as we'd had a late night in Florence, and an early start PLUS we wanted to  go on a New Rome Free Walking Tour at 5.30pm and wanted MissM to have a rest so she could keep up.

Can not praise this company enough. What a great guide (and just so happens to be the same guide who'll be taking us around The Vatican on Friday on a private tour we've booked, small world, eh?). We've had a few emails over the past weeks confirming our private tours later in the week all of which have been responded to quickly and in such a warm manner.

From The Spanish Steps, we walked thru 'local Rome' and into two of the most interesting and historically important to the locals Churches. Flamina shared historical facts, and some local legends, she explained the use of Cloisters and the changes in Italy with the Vatican.

The Church of Sant'Ignazio is famous for so many things some of which are the ceilings were painted by ONE monk, Andrea Pozzo in a fashion similar to Michaelangelo and the Sisten Chapel. His use of 'trick art' is based on his expertise in maths and the central dome isn't a dome at all, but a flat surface. You'd easily miss going inside if you even managed to find the non descript piazza it's situated on. But seriously, when you are in  Rome, you MUST VISIT this place.

Sadly I can't upload pics cos the hotel's feee WIFI ain't that strong .... but please Google this.

Stopped by the Pantheon - how amazing is this building??????????????????

G dropped his phone on the cobblestones, but you know that from a previous chat. He bought a new one this morning and all his apps have just about been uploaded from the SIM.

Flaminia took us into a cafe for a loo and coffee stop. She introduced us to coffee granita's - yum! Must remember this for a desert after a dinner party. Apparently one shouldn't pay more than €1 for an expresso coffee anywhere in Rome; cafe latte and cappuccino aren't considered coffee here and you will pay more for them.

We finished at the Trevi Fountain which sadly for us is being renovated and cleaned.

As G's phone wasn't working, we had no idea how to get back to the train station to the hotel, so we walked ...... and walked ...... and eventually found our way.

Once back to the local area, we opted for Chinese for dinner.

A not-so-early night, but a fantastic first day in Rome.

Have you been to any of the places mentioned?
What do you do on your first day in a new city?
What's important to you in a hotel?

With friendship

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