Sunday, 22 June 2014

Travel Blog No6 - Last Day in Rome

The time has come to pack our bags and get ready to move onto our next stop, so we made sure our last day in Rome was a good one.

We're very satisfied with all we've seen and done.

Thee's always something you don't get to see, or you didn't know you should see or do, but for the 3 of us, our time in Rome has been very pleasing indeed.

When we look at the Top Things to Do In Rome, we've covered a lot of ground, depending on which list you refer to.

Today we caught the horrid Red Hop On Hop Off bus - sorry, but having done this tour bus in several countries over many years, this franchise is the worst.

We got off at the stop for The Vatican, and walked a few hundred metres to Castel Sant'Angelo and stepped back in time to Ancient Rome.

The statues, artwork, friezes and audio guide kept the 3 of us enthralled for a couple of hours.

The views from the top levels offer great photo opportunities, tho there's no shade and with the sun beating down, it's super hot up on the roof top.

The entrance fee of €7 per adult and kid are free is very reasonable; the audio guide is €5, and it's fine for kids. There was only one small section we didn't think was appropriate for MissM as it talked about the prison area but other than that, we enjoyed it.

Seeing Arc Angel Michael was a surprise. G and I still aren't sure how or why we have heard of him, but we have. The statue is lovely.

We then had another horrid experience with the Hop on Bus ..... having to wait over an hour in the searing heat, while bus after bus comes and goes. The bus that arrived let people off, and others got on then waited in position for the next bus before moving on as a means of keeping the parking spot and allowing the front of the line to remain so.

The attendants asked people to make sure that others didn't jump the line and to send them to the back. Not really our job, but no one was in the mood to be messed with.

When our turn finally came, there was no roof cover!

I'm not just complaining here. I've done my review on trip advisor and also completed the companies online survey. Not sure why Rome is so difficult to run a service in.

We got off the bus, and MissM and I had a bit to eat while G took some laundry to be done for the next week :)

Then we all went to Rome Museum - what a hidden gem this place is. Hardly anyone here! Kids are free, adult tickets are €7.50 which gives you entry into three other museums (wish we'd known that earlier); the book shop is interesting and well priced.

The amount of sculptures and friezes are incredible. The mosaics and their stories are intriguing. We didn't take our camera but relied on our phone cameras as we didn't expect to want to snap so many pics.

MissM loved it as she recognised names of statues, and had learned about mosaics and friezes in ancient history and from Horrible Histories.

We spent a few very enjoyable hours here.

Time for dinner, showers then bed.

Got a train to catch to Salerno tomorrow morning.

With friendship

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