Monday, 9 June 2014

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

For the first time since we started living overseas, we've no visitors booked in to visit over summer.

For the first time since we started going out together, we're going away for more than 10 days (excluding trips to Sydney, and even then G isn't there for more than 10 days-2 weeks)

For the first time it's US going to Europe for summer, travelling several cities in one country, living out of suitcases, catching trains between cities, doing guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more.

We are excited beyond belief.

We've done LOTS of weekends away, and a few city breaks, but nothing like this.

TripIt is up to date with our itinerary, booking confirmations, travel information and tour details.

Print out of friends suggestions on where to go, what to do, where to eat are in the sleeve of the suitcase in a folder.

MissM has finished the front cover of her Holiday Diary with a fabulous title page.

Clothes are laid out on the spare bed ready to be packed.

Toiletries and medicines (Calpol, Nurofen for MissM 'just in case') are newly bought, already packed in a cosmetic bag together with thermometre, Nurofen for us, blister bandaids (we've all got new walking shoes) and sunblock.

Suitcases are down from the attic.

European plugs, chargers for camera and Kindle, laptop are in laptop bag.

Long term airport car parking is booked.

Neighbours happy to keep an eye on the house and water plants.

Think we're ready to go on a summer holiday!

I'll hopefully have time to chat while we're away,

Hope you have a great summer (for those in the northern hemisphere)

With friendship

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