Monday, 28 July 2014

LaLa Land Sounds Fun

9 weeks into Summer Holidays and we're doing great!

That means, it's taken 8 northern hemisphere summers to work out how to navigate such a long break in school time.

Better late than never, eh?

I've been quiet chatting for several reasons - we've been happily occupied with summer fun; the laptop is in the upstairs office which means it's not readily accessible (remember a previous chat about reducing my time online? Still have to conquer the iPhone but getting there), but I think the main reason is that I am over wrought with emotion about the news lately that I can't write.

I think, but can't get the words out.

Between the Israel Gaza conflict which is getting worse by the day, realising that planes apparently DO fall out of the sky, and my cousin, who I haven't been in touch with since a teenager suddenly died two days before her 49th birthday and several friends marriage break ups, it's been a weird few weeks.

I need to go visit LaLa land, where there are rainbows and pixie dust, where everyone gets along, the sun is always shining and no one wants for anything.

I need a pair of Rose Coloured Glasses to hide behind until all this crass, inhumane anger and actions go away. It's one thing to be informed of what's going on in the world, but it's getting hard to know what's fact and what's propaganda; and wading thru stuff to work it out is taking it's toll. BOTH SIDES ARE WRONG ..... and in some ways BOTH ARE RIGHT.

So rather than a peace settlement, how about a DO-OVER?????? Agree to disagree and start over from a place of respect and dignity.

Ireland is supporting Gaza and the Palestinians and I have come to realise very quickly that it's best to keep quiet, to lay low. I'm not politically minded, nor do I feel I know enough to enter into a conversation with someone, and I certainly don't want to loose friends over this issue, however some friends (maybe more acquaintances) are displaying basic ideological differences that are hard to ignore, despite the chats and giggle we share over a coffee.

MissM has been known to say she enjoys being 'the only Jewish kid at school' - how do we explain to her that now is probably not the time to promote that, without teaching her to hide who she is? We are not religious by any stretch, however I would not deny my religion, tho maybe I would not ensure it didn't come up in conversation (not that it does anyways ... but MissM is MissM)

I've never felt so isolated because of my religion which up to recently I really didn't give a second thought to other than High Holidays and getting together with the family.

As G comes home with new opportunities for our next move, do we dare consider Eastern Europe or is that too now a no-go zone for us as it's reported that anti-semitism is growing again. (G isn't Jewish by the way).

How do we remain good role models by suggesting MissM 'lays low' about who she 'thinks' she is. I say that because she has no grounding in the religion, yet feels attached to it via me and memories of Chanukah and Rosh Hashana's.

There have been only a hand full of times I've had a heavy heart ......... so it's off to Lala Land I go as 'this too shall pass' but when and at what human cost?

Who would like to join me in LaLa Land?

With friendship

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