Friday, 13 February 2015

Mid-term break - again.

It feels a bit like ground-hog day around here.

Mid-term break started about 3 hours ago. It's only a week.

Christmas break a few weeks ago.

Easter school holidays are in about 6 weeks.

Some families are going skiing while others are chasing the sunshine. Who can blame them? While it's been a mild winter, it's still be a long time since we've had full on sunshine in Ireland

For those families who continue to work, this weekend is a road trip to 'family' to drop off the kids to spend time with grandparents and/or cousins, while mum'n'dad come back to Dublin to work. Next weekend the drive will be repeated so the kids are home, ready for school.

We're staycationing as we are keen to save G's annual leave for Easter and summer (those holidays are 3 months long!)

What ever you're doing over the break, have fun!

With friendship