Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Long Weekend in Copenhagen

One of the benefits of being an expat, and living overseas is the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures, and see the sights you've read about, or seen in movies, or in other peoples photo albums.

How lucky are we to have spent the past weekend in Copenhagen with friends from Sydney! It was the only opportunity we had to catchup (haven't seen them for a year) and G and I thought why not!?

It was a near perfect weekend (they were delayed by 6 hours due to an airline strike in Oslo)

The sky was so blue.

The sun shone.

It was fresh, but not cold.

We were with best friends of over 25 years (yep, we're that old).

We stayed at The Square which, despite it's tiny rooms I'd recommend simply for it's location! If you're planning on being in Copenhagen longer than a weekend, you might wanna stay somewhere else. But for a 2-3 night stay it's fine.

We walked and walked. According to G's Fitbot we walked a min 14 km's each day. 

The flower sellers got my attention.

The city is dotted with statues of all shapes and sizes.

We were very impressed with cyclists adhering to road rules and the
clever ways they transported their kids around.

Christianborg Palace was stunning.

The weather was perfect for a canal tour.

The buildings along the canal are incredible. 

The parks were obviously trying to get spring going, but were
still looking a bit wintery, tho there was lots of bulb activity and bluebells.

And thru it all, we reconnected with our best friends.

We talked and laughed.

We caught up with news.

We enjoyed just being in each others company.

We said see-ya instead of goodbye the night before they flew to their next destination.

We ate lots of sushi at the airport before flying home.

We had a lovely time in Copenhagen.


  1. Copenhagen is such a great city. I was there years ago in the dead of Winter and I want to go back and experience Summer there. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

    1. Summer in Copenhagen would be fantastic! We had friends living there years ago who lived on the beach! It was so-Sydney like it was unbelievable. We did have a great time Sarah. Thanks x