Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Wife of a Golfer

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I am a happy wife of a golfer which is unusual, tho at times it can be very frustrating, like now, as work (ridiculously long hours since returning from holidays) and golf (it's summer in Ireland, so good golfing weather) keep G away from MissM and I on weekends when we are desperate for family time.

It's a really hard thing to balance, don't you find? Work. Family. Personal time. Hobbies/interests. Time with friends. Study.

There is never enough time in the week/month to fit it all in, so you in a way you have to a little bit selfish (in the positive sense of the word), or is dedicated or committed more apt, to doing EVERYTHING you want/need to do.

I get oodles of time during school term to indulge in my hobbies and interests, to hang out with friends and have fun. MissM's social life is pretty cool too. G seems to go to work and come home, hang out with us and go back to work, except in summer when it's GOLF season.

If you or you're partner are passionate about the gym or running, or cycling, are studying or 'whatever', you'll know what I mean. These things take commitment and time away from the family and it can take some getting used to, especially if the things you enjoy doing don't align time wise.

When we moved to Ireland 2006, he struggled to find time to play because work was crazy busy, and we were inundated with guests or were out'n'about exploring. He played LINKS a few times, but doesn't enjoy it. Too much like hard work me-thinks with all that long grass.

He didn't play any golf in Japan due to expense and lack of introduction to a course. He did go to one of those multi-storey, brightly lit places you see on the movies. I know!  They really do exist!!

Thanks Google Images.

My diary is dotted with G playing golf (tbc) or G playing golf (confirmed). 

He's played some stunning courses. I have to believe him cos they look similar to me.

Concra Wood Golf Course
Blunclody Golf Course

Aileen Castle Golf and Spa

Dun Laogharie Golf Course

Our recent summer holiday to the Algarve offered him several world class courses to play. We had the mornings together and he went off to play a few afternoons. MissM and I happily hung around the pool.

Oceanica Laguna

A View From a Golf Buggy on the Algarve

I asked him to take photos so I can make an album for him, The Golf Courses I Have Played sounds like a nice title. Occasionally one of his mates take a photo of him ...... here he is in full swing, wearing a jumper he won in competition.

My G xoxoxoxox

I don't mind being the wife of a golfer. If he keeps playing the way he is, maybe one day he'll play some fantastic competition and win a huge amount of money and then he can retire ................

With friendship

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