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ms-havachat LOVES Timpanys

Shame the car was in the way ... but love the balloons

Have you ever felt that you were destined to meet someone? I've experienced this a few times since becoming an expat, and again, several weeks ago when I met Patricia from Stella and Dot at the international women' club meeting. After a bit of small talk, she kindly invited me to a Champagne Shopping Morning at Timpany's in Sunninghill on the Saturday morning and as I just so happened to be free, I went (and took MrsD with me)

So glad we went! We discovered Timpany's and met the charismatic and charming Antonia (owner/manager).

Antonia (left) with Patricia

As an expat, you relish the time when the weeks take on a normal routine and you don't need to rely on the sat nav to get you places, you breathe easier. When you realise you shop where the locals shop; you discover a few places you enjoy eating/drinking at, so they become yours too., you have a group of friends to hang out with, and you find little local gems.

Finding Timpany's is one of those lovely local experiences.

Located on Sunninghill Road, Ascot the shop is set back slightly, so be careful not to miss it (It's opposite the car dealership), Timpany's is an oasis from the normal hustle and bustle of High Street or capital city shopping.

Forget what you think you know about recycled clothes shops, or second hand fashion. Timpany's adds a whole new dimension to the concept of preloved.

Taking preloved fashion to the next level, Timpany's is a retail fashion shop first and foremost, it just happens to sell preloved lux at affordable prices. I don't really enjoy clothes shopping but Antonia made it so easy, and I found a gorgeous jacket which I've worn a few times and had loads of compliments. It's my first full on, authentic, luxury designer label item ever and I love it.

My jacket!

Like most pre-loved retail outlets, what they have for sale, is what they have .... you can't order stock in. So it's a good thing to keep popping in or keeping in contact via their social media pages and website (the links are posted below for you to simply click and follow)

Gorgeous attention to detail in every corner of the shop

Accessories, Candles. Yummy strawberries.

Antonia started Timpany's about seven years ago, mid-recession. It's the best time for clever, entrepreneurs to find a niche in the market and go for it. When I asked her what motivated her, she said she loves the idea of democratising luxury designer fashion for everyone to enjoy. Her idea was for people to be able to buy luxury designer clothes for less, without sacrificing the shopping experience/environment/service. In my humble opinion, she has absolutely succeeded.

Our chat continues:

Where do you get your beautiful stock from? 
Word of mouth.
Social media - @timpanys on Instagram has over 8,000 followers and our Facebook page is popular too. I live in London and have done a few PopUp Shops, where people simply drop their items to sell. We rank pretty highly on google search for luxury re-sale as well as our website attracts buys and sellers.

How do commissions/sales work?
Commission is generally 50%. However, on large volumes of handbags, extraordinary high value items, or Chanel and Hermes, we offer bespoke commission levels.

We invite people to come into the shop so we can meet and view the items, or send us an email introducing themselves and include photographs of the items.

You mentioned Timpany's is involved in a lot of charity work. 
I have a personal charity that is close to my heard called Mathew Elvidge Trust
Mathew was a good friend of mine who committed suicide due to depression. This amazing charity tackles the often taboo issues of mental health openly and honestly. I also sponsor an orphan thru the charity Compassion. We also have a few high profile clients who sell on behalf of charities and we like to make donations on their behalf. As well, I'm often asked to attend charity sales where a proportion of money raised from sales is donated.

If you've always wanted to own a Chanel bag or a Hermes scarf, or an Armani bag, or anything Jimmy Choo, even a Birkin bag (do you think Samantha in Sex in the City when you hear Birkin bag?) before paying full retail price, you really should come and see what's in stock at Timpany's. The stock is always changing, so it's a good idea to pop in regularly or let the girls know what you are looking for so they can scout for you.

Alternatively, if you are the fortunate owner of luxury clothing and/or accessories and for whatever reason you wish to sell them, you can be assured of confidentiality and superior customer service from Antonia and her team. Check out Timpany's Source and Sell Luxury Designer Accessories on Facebook.

Expanding the business online will ensure the Timpany's name will very quickly reach far beyond Sunninghill, UK and so it should.

Happy shopping!

When you pop into the shop, or chat with Antonia online, please mention ms-havachat.

With friendship

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