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ms-havachat discovering Surrey - Mayfield Lavender Farm

My gorgeous photo of Mayfield Lavender Farm


I have definitely learned to appreciate gardens and flowers since living in Japan.

Ikebana has taught me to see the beauty in a seasonally dead branch, to appreciate Mother Nature's artistry in the colours of tulips, and to believe in the possibility of tomorrow in each bud of spring. I love the simplicity of 'less is more' in floral design, and yearn for a garden of my own in which I grow an "English country garden' overflowing with blooms throughout all the seasons.

The gardens we visited in Japan were stunning in their precision. A simple rock bed with a trickle of a stream. The heavy trunks of ancient trees supported by wooden struts, themselves works of art. Even the way the trees and shrubs were loving enveloped in protective cloth to ward off winter chills were beautiful.

The Botanical Gardens in Sydney are beautiful, set alongside the Harbour with magnificent views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Always a lovely way to spend a few hours. Here's the link to their website if you'd like to have a quick peek at what's on offer.

Sydney - Stunning city skyline

Another stunning garden you must visit when in Sydney is Wendy Whitely's Garden in Milsons Point. Fairies definitely live here! Her late husband, painter Brett Whitely would be so pleased with what she's done with the old railway lines in front of their home. If you'd like to learn more, click here for a link to a documentary on the gardens, or Google it.

A small glimpse into the  magic of Wendy Whitely's Secret garden.
In Ireland, Glendalough was a family favourite and a special place where we would take visitors. The lakes and walks changed with the seasons, always offering something different.

We live very near to Saville Gardens in Surrey, the Great Windsor Park and a quick train trip to Kew Gardens. The New Forest, near Southampton is also a favourite of ours and a lovely day trip from Surrey.

I don't know the first thing about gardening, or the names of most plants but as I get older, I'm drawn towards them. Not sure I'll ever actually garden, but the dream of owning our own home one day, and designing a garden is strong.

Thanks to Facebook shoving sponsored posts onto my page I discovered Mayfield Lavender Farm. It's been in my diary TO VISIT for months, and I'm pleased to say, I went over summer with MrsM.

As you drive over the hill, you can see a hue of purple. It's truly stunning.

The aroma from the 25 acres of organic lavender is intoxicating. You can feel it buzzing on your lips as you get out of your car. The car park is dusty and pot holed, so you do need to be sure footed and wearing appropriate walking shoes.

Rows and rows and rows of lavender. Not a bad photo from my phone.
Wish I'd bought the big camera tho. 

Mayfield Lavender Farm is a family run business in the area known as North Surrey Downs.

I've never been to Province in France, only seen photos of fields of lavender, and I imagine Mayfield is pretty close.

There are several types of lavender grown here, and all are harvested and turned into oils, creams and food by the family for sale on the property. I can tell you, the Lavender afternoon tea was delicious, as is the lavender honey.

The cafe serves a small selection of sandwiches, salads etc, and seating is very casual. The cafe part is temporary as the farm is seasonal. It adds to the charm of the place.

The bees are amazing here! They are so busy collecting pollen they don't even know you're there, tho if you were allergic, it's probably stay away, just-in-case, as they are everywhere. Sadly none of my photos with bees turned out but trust me, they are everywhere and gloriously fluffy!

Borrowed from Mayfield's google images

There's a small nursery where you can buy various types of lavender.

My photo.

And you can go online at to purchase other lavender products made from the lavender grown on the property.

If you go onto their website, or Facebook page you'll see amazing photos of people having fun amongst the lavender. You can purchase a 'photography license' for the day and have your engagement or wedding photos done professionally here too.

MrsM and I thoroughly enjoyed our few hours at Mayfield Lavender Farm and we hope you do too.

With friendship

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