Thursday, 15 December 2016

ms-havachat discovers Surrey - Lunch at Riverside Brasserie

My photo turned out ok despite the grey sky

Riverside Brasserie, Bray is a lovely hidden gem of a restaurant and I can't wait to go back.

Located in the Bray Marina, you wonder if you're going in the right direction despite the signs that point you towards RIVERSIDE BRASSERIE. Trust me, just keep going past all the boats in dry-dock and follow the signs.

Even when you see the signs PARK HERE FOR RESTAURANT, you wonder 'where's the restaurant?' but keep walking towards the river and you'll soon come across a relaxing outdoor patio with tables and chairs, outdoor heaters, umbrellas and the restaurant itself.

The wide glass doors are perfect on a day like today - too cold and grey to sit outdoors, but the view is simply too lovely to hide.

Stock photo of patio area in full summer readiness (which I
will definitely be enjoying as soon as the weather warms up)
While we didn't have blue skies, or see a barge go by,
we could absolutely imagine this scene happening.

The location in winter is quiet and private which is lovely, though you can also appreciate the atmosphere in the warmer months with people dining on the patio and the glass doors open from the main restaurant. I'm sure there would be people arriving on their boats, mooring along the jetty. This reminded me of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and the boats pulling up into Watson's Bay, or along the Hawkesbury River and that we need to befriend someone with a boat!

The interior is spacious, with large tables and comfy chairs. The open kitchen is a favourite aspect of any restaurant for me as I love to watch what goes on. The floral displays were huge and the hint of Christmas on the tables were understated.

My photo.

We started with warm flatbreads with 3 dips. Really delicious, tho the tzitziki was a tad too watery for my liking. I love a really thick dip that sits atop the bread. What I did like was the size of the servings of dip as there wasn't too much wasted, and we both felt we had enough.

Main for MrsC was gnocchi with mushrooms which she said was delicious, not too creamy and full of mushroom flavour while I had my favourite, grilled salmon, served on a bed of broccolini. The salmon was grilled rare with a crispy skin which I love. The sauce was tasty and there wasn't too much.

We finished with coffee and mint tea. 

Lunch for 2

We weren't rushed.

The service was pleasant and attentive but not in-your-face. 

We both really enjoyed lunch and both of us said 'we'll be back'.

For more details on Riverside Brasserie Bray click here

(This is a totally independent review of Riverside Brasserie.)

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