Thursday, 7 September 2017

ms-havachat eats locally at Eliane

There's a new cafe/restaurant in the area and everyone's taking about it, so I went with a friend a few weeks ago for a coffee. Eliane is really different. There's a Sydney-kinda feel to it which I loved.

The decor is gorgeous! Open plan. Food displayed simply in front of you (some with food covers, some with out. It's the Aussie in me, sorry. Food should be covered tho it's not always here). Orders are taken on funky iPads and sent straight thru to the kitchen. They've spared no expense on the set up. Just look at the photo's to see how creative the decor is.

There's newspapers to read while waiting for take away coffees or food; and an open plan dining area well lit by huge windows that overlook the main road. Bright, fun artwork on the walls, and to die-for light fittings!

This cute little secret nook is up behind the serving area, near the kitchen and the door that leads to the back yard .............. it's perfect for a quiet meeting or a rendezvous.

Next to the nook, there's a small retail area with 100% healthy pantry items. The day we were there the fresh fruit section was low on produce (we were there rather early in the morning)

I simply LOVED the atmosphere created outside in the little terrace. The painted fence in bright colours, the cute tables and chairs, thoughtful umbrella's on a summers day (we needed it the day we went). There's no table service at all - so you order at the counter when you first arrive, receive a wooden spoon with a number on it, tell them where you're sitting and food'n'drinks are brought to you.

The service is warm and friendly. The lady who served us was very knowledgeable on dairy alternatives for my friend who is weaning herself off milk.

It's very much a breakfast, then lunch, then dinner place. There's a period of about an hour in-between 'menu' service where a cake or muffin with a drink is all that's able to be ordered while the next 'meal' is being prepared to be displayed on the counter. This is a little bit annoying when you want an early lunch around 11am and you can't order anything other than a muffin or piece of cake. But, hey-ho, live and learn. Just need to time our visits better.

I've not had lunch or dinner here yet but friends rave about it! A couple have ordered over the phone and picked up take away for the family dinner which is a great service.

I wish the management and staff of Eliane all the best for a successful business.

The area definitely will benefit from their being part of the community.

Have you eaten here?
What did you think?

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