Sunday, 11 September 2011

Thank you

Ms_havachat is speechless (and ya’ all know that don’t happen often) with the response to the last blog.

Our Little Girl is Hurting was the most emotional and personal blog posted to date. I wasn’t sure whether to post or not because of this, but hey, expat life isn’t all lunches and sight seeing. If 
I’m true to the reason I started ms_havachat, then I have to take a leap of faith that those people reading will respect the ups’n’downs of expat life.

THANK YOU for emailing me about how much Our Little Girl is Hurting touched you. Sorry for making some of you cry.  (Ttho as an amateur writer gotta be honest and say ‘wow, I made you CRY and I didn’t mean to)

I’d also like to acknowledge those of you who wrote incredible words of endorsement and ecnouragement that we’ll be OK (because of the reasons you shared). I know we will, but every now and again families hurt. Guess we have to in order to grow ever stronger. 

MissM is doing better tho she’s still angry about leaving. It a healthy attitude to have and we'll manage it to the best of our ability. The promise of a trampoline in the new garden's helped hehehehehe

Thank you all again for your continuous love and support and friendship, and reading ms_havachat.

Let’s hope this week at school is a better one for MissM.

With friendship

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