Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What a difference a day makes

Ok so now we are in the final stages of preparation things may have changed slightly.

MissM isn’t happy DH is leaving in one sleep for the UK ‘it’s all too fast mama’

DH has to be back in Japan Sept 26 for a two-week handover

Now we are thinking.  When’s the right time for MissM and I to move over?

If we go NOW as we originally planned, we’ve got no car, have to draw on Aussie bank funds as we won’t have UK bank account or money in it (DH needs to have his first pay deposited), probably no mobile phone, and are living in a serviced apartment or hotel. 

If I find a house/school, can we go ahead with it without DH there to sign paper work, as the rental allowance is part of his package? Will the landlord hold onto the house until DH’s return?

Do I want the responsibility of choosing the house we will live in for the next 3 years? DH did a great job with our house in Dublin – we loved it, the location, the neighbors, everything about it was perfect.

We found Leyton House together and again it’s been perfect.

Can we be lucky 3 times in a row???????????

It will save me dealing with the sale of the car; I’m happy to work with the packing company and the day/s packing (MissM can be at school and DH can be in the office); DH has to close bank accounts and cancel internet; we have to return the few electrical items we’ve been renting; packing clothes to take with us vs. shipment might be easier with DH ‘s help; as will closing the door on our apartment for the last time and taking the taxi to the YCAT for the last time, and catching the Airport Limousine for the last time.

MissM wants us all to leave together ‘because I feel safer when it’s the 3 of us’. How much do we take this to heart?

So, while we thought we knew what we were doing and when we were doing it, we might not be. It might be more practical to stay til 9th October and all move together, find a house/school and start LIVING in the UK.

Or do we put up with some inconvenience for a month or so and move now?

While I’m lamenting all this, one of SILS bestest and oldest friends has just learned she has to have a mammogram. This really strong, loud, confident, independent woman rang SIL crying ‘I need you please come’ and so SIL did as a BF does.

What a difference a day makes,

With friendship

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