Saturday, 1 October 2011

7 sleeps

Last night a group of friends and I shared a very special evening. It started at one of our most favorite restaurants in Chinatown, TUNG FAT, owned by good friends. We had a private room, and were presented with a magnificent banquet. (DH was very miffed; he’d missed out on bills for breakfast and now Tung Fat for dinner)

We then went onto Kareko; for a lot of us, it was our first time singing in a real Kareko place in Japan – if anyone was shy you’d never guess.

We sung our hearts out!

MsMac and I kicked off proceedings with a copycat act of our daughters singing Justin Beiber, Baby, Baby, Baby OHHHHHHHHHHHH. In between the giggles, it was serious business of keeping up with the words on the screen. Justin was followed by Bon Jovi, a series of good ol’ ABBA hits, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, a Beatles medley, a High School Musical medley and more.

We sang, we laughed, we danced (as best we could, the room was tiny) and most of all a few new friendships were started, all because of my sayonara.

Today we started the arduous task of packing. Mia was invited over to a friends for lunch which gave DH and I a few hours to focus without interruption. Thank you again MsJ, really appreciated it.

I am trying to keeping in mind that we only need to cope for 4-6 weeks til the shipment arrives. Pretending we are travelling for 6 weeks thru Europe sort of helped in decided what to take, and what to ship.
Arriving in Japan from Ireland .... 4 suitcases, 3 on board bags and 2 huge boxes

We’ve a few boxes which we have filled with bulky coats, boots, toys/games for MissM, and other things that 2 previous moves have taught me like canvass shopping bags (otherwise you end up with LOTS), Tupperware (we’ll be in a serviced apartment and cooking, so rather than buying even more plastic wear, I’m taking a dozen assorted pieces), coat hangers (serviced apartments/hotels never have enough) and so on.

DH finalized the sale of the car.

I keep finding ‘things’ to put out for the girls to grab on Wednesday. Hope they bring big shopping bags!

Hard to imagine come Wednesday night we won’t be living here anymore

With friendship

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