Friday, 30 September 2011

8 sleeps

You might recall in TO FRIENDS I shared my thoughts on ‘what is a friend’ and today proved to me yet again that one doesn’t have to see a friend all the time to connect and enjoy one another’s company.

MsM and MsT are both friends whose company I have always enjoyed. We chat about lots of interesting things, we have a few things in common, we LAUGH a lot. MsM took a series of photographs of the 3 of us earlier this year that we will treasure. MsT and I first met thru MsG on the annual Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance.

The thing about our friendship is we don’t see one another often at all – our kids are different ages, are at different schools. We have mutual friends and when we do get together we have a lovely time. The fact they took time out of their busy schedules to have breakfast with me was very special indeed. 

The good news is, MsM and Co have just purchased an apartment in Salisbury, about 20 minutes from where we will be living in the UK. MsT also has family in the UK and both visit every summer.

So when breakfast was over, rather than tears and sayonara, it was a simple ‘see you next summer’ and hugs.

Tonight a few friends are sharing a sayonara night out. As I write this I have no idea where we are going, tho I suspect it involves Karaoke as I mentioned a few weeks back that after 3 years we still hadn’t done Karaoke. A few of the girls gasped with shock, while others quietly smiled as it turns out they haven’t either. (Haven’t visited an onsen either, or stayed in a Ryokan, or been to Hiroshima)

Our weekend in Singapore en route to London is taking shape beautifully. DH has gone all out and booked us into the Fairmont Singapore ( Between spending time with MsP and CO, we’ll make time to see The Terracotta Warrior exhibition (finally), have a few swims (did you see the hotel pool?) before flying out 11.30pm Monday direct to London.

This weekend is the beginning of moving madness. We have to pack our suitcases with the things we need for the next 4-6 weeks while the shipment makes its way to the UK. We have 6 boxes to fill if need be with stuff which we’ll post air mail (less expensive that air freight and definitely cheaper than trying to go with extra baggage).

This is our last weekend at home. DH has a full week at work so tomorrow and Sunday are the only days left for us to work together making FINAL decisions about what to take, what to ship, the car, what to do as soon as we arrive and more.

Incidental things like MissM's ballet bag so that she can start ballet lessons sooner rather than later; toys, books etc to keep her busy til the shipment arrives; one heavy coat for each of us if the weather turns and one light weight one just in case (we'll probably find it so cold after Japans hot humid summer). The good thing is that whatever we forget we can buy as we're heading back to familiar territory even tho we've never been before. Marks'n'Spencers, Sainsburys, Next, Gap, Zara, Tesco and more.

Best get going. Got a Sayonara party to get ready for,

With friendship

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