Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Our good fortune continues in Winchester.

Week two saw us find our new home. We’ll be signing the lease at the end of this week (fingers crossed), and moving in towards the end of November. While we’d love to move sooner, our shipment won’t arrive until around November 20 and will take about 5 days to clear customs, so our move date works well.

We’ve made a few more new friends. Found one all by myself while sitting at the chiropractors. She commented on something Mia was doing and I simply said ‘that’s a familiar accent’ and she smiled and said ‘oh yeah, Sydney’ and the conversation flowed from there.

We’ll catch up for a coffee after midterm break.

Met MsJ-M and her beautiful daughter MissN yesterday. We met at 11am and we were all getting along so nicely that we spent the entire day together. We went to the Great Hall for some school holiday craft, then back to us for lunch, then to the park near the Leisure Centre and then INSIDE the Leisure Centre. All the while we chatted and laughed while the girls played.

This morning we went to the chiro then managed to buy two of the remaining tickets to see HONEY HONEY ABBA show at the Winchester Theatre Royal. Not sure who enjoyed it more, the mama (me) or the Mia.

I remember when I told MsC while working at the toyshop that we’d call the bub MIA if it was a girl and Remy for a boy. She smiled and started laughing and said that’s hilarious, you’ll be the mama and she’ll be the Mia.

Christmas/Chanuka aren’t that far away, especially when we’ve to post things to Sydney. Sadly haven’t found anything on High Street, so I’ll head off to Bournemouth next week when Mia’s at school as I’ve been told that’s the largest shopping centre in the Midlands. 

Think we’ll also check out online ideas too.

MissM amazed me a few weeks ago when she asked if family and friends who usually gift her gifts at Christmas/Chankuah could give her money this year because she’d like to buy a well for the people in Cambodia who don’t have clean water. She told me ALL ABOUT IT. 

How important clean water was and what happens when you don’t have any. Our conversation was longer and more involved than this, but this was the upshot.

When I said if we do that, there may not be any presents under the tree for you and she said ‘that’s ok, I have lots and I have clean water and a home and a mummy and daddy who love me. So that’s ok’

I melted and thought, honey, you can have ANYTHING this year!

Apparently the senior students at YIS had visited her class and told them about their trip to Cambodia later this year. This years project is a the construction of a well and helping with one of the local schools YIS partners.

They obviously made an impact on her.

A few weeks on and I asked her yesterday, hey, do you still want to build a well with your Xmas/Chanuka gifts? And she said, of course I do, why wouldn’t I?’

Let’s hope the impact stays with her. Her new school partners’ one in India so we’ll have to find out more.

We completed ALL the forms for school, including YES I’d like to help out on Parents Group. DH just smiled. With so many events already being planned for before end of term, I’ll offer to help where it’s needed, or not.

DH and I are going to Paris on Sunday for 2 nights. On Monday night we’ll be sitting tall and proud at a table at Moulin Rouge watching our dear friend perform for the last time on that particular stage.

Considering we’ve been here two weeks, we’re doing very well indeed,

With friendship

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