Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Great start to November

As most of you know, we went to Paris for two nights specifically to watch our dear friend MissS perform in her final show at Moulin Rouge. MissM stayed with friends and had a ball!

I’ve known MissS since she was 3 years old. I’ve been to a few auditions with her and her incredible mum MsMac over the years, watched MissS model in fashion shows, dance in competitions, sing at RSL Clubs and more. I know how I felt watching her perform on one of the worlds’ most famous stages, so goodness knows how MsMac felt watching her little girl in sequins and feathers.
DH outside Moulin Rouge on Sunday night

To say ‘even DH’ enjoyed it doesn’t mean to take away from the show, or say anything negative about DH – he’s known MissS for as long as he’s known me (well, a few months less). Here he is, watching her perform in stunning, skimpy outfits, feeling as proud as any father. He wasn’t sure what to expect from the show, tho he’s seen MissS’s photos on her 
Facebook page.

We were all beaming from ear to ear.

We were all so proud of her.

We were all speechless when the lights went out and realized ‘that’s it. She’s no longer a Moulin girl’

What an experience, and I’ve been like everyone else, a voyeur on MissS facebook pages.

We wish her every happiness in settling back into life in Sydney and look forward to what she does next!

Talking of NEXT, we had our own NEXT on our UK Adventure.

MissM started Prince’s Mead today. 

She was a bit anxious last night because apparently she’s shy! We layed in bed last night talking about what was bothering her and managed to knock each one on the head.
·      I don’t know anyone – no you don’t but by the end of the day you will.
·      I don’t know my way around the school – no you don’t, but over time you will. And if you get lost going somewhere, ask another student or teacher to help you.
·      What if I don’t like the lunch? – There are bread rolls and you can make a cheese roll for lunch.
·      What’s my teacher’s name? – I can’t remember either, we’ll have to find out tomorrow
·      How will I get to school?, Oh Mia, how did you get to school in Japan? I’ll drive you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’ll pick you up.
·      I don’t know what work they are doing … you’ll catch up slowly.

The one that really made me laugh, tho I didn’t was ‘mama, when are you going to join the PTSA?’ My response was, when I make a few friends, and get to know what’s going on I’ll think about it. So MissM says, like me.

Yes MissM – just like you.

It’s been a lovely quiet first day with her at school, tho I’m guessing I’m going to have to get busy sooner rather than later or go bonkers. A fabulous clothes shop up the road has a sign for part time sales person in the window. Popped in last week by chance and bought several items, so working there would be fun. But it’s probably a bit too soon to be committing to set work days/hours. Who knows, I could get so busy and not need to ‘go to work’.

I’m going all out now and publically admitting that I have a 10.30am appointment with the local CURVES gym for my analysis and first circuit. Having been a member in Dublin and Sydney I can’t wait to get back into it. For those of you who know me, know I can’t stand the gym, but some how Curves is different and I really enjoy it. With several months to my big ‘0’ b/day I feel like I have something really worthwhile to aim for. I also don’t have that many distractions, yet.

Gosh it’s only 2pm. Still got 2 hours before pick up ……. What’ll I Do?

With friendship

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