Tuesday, 21 August 2012

is it me????????

Am i one of the few mums who can't wait for school to resume? And if so, why?

What's wrong with me that a few weeks (ok, more than a few. We've been on holidays since July 11) have filled me with such dread on a daily basis that I am counting the sleeps til school starts?

I am seldom jealous as I believe it's a wasted emotion. However, I am jealous of friends who welcome the school holidays. I get the no school lunches, no early morning rush out the door, panic when home works not done, or PE shoes are missing and yes, that's lovely. But to look forward to several weeks of holidays fills me with dread, less so than when living in Japan, but still, dread.

My two main area's of concern are (1) how to keep MissM entertained and (b) who's around to share the days with.

For those of you who know MissM will agree that she's a very well behaved child compared to most and is more than able to keep herself amused for hours on end. However, and it's an obvious one, there's only so much a mother and daughter can do together 24/7 without sparks flying. It's not my job to keep her amused, however as the one who organises the diary i am respsonsible for keeping us moving forward.

So being positive, this is what we've been up to since July 11 when school broke up:

We had a birthday party!
We've had play dates.
We've been to the movies.
We've watched wayyyyyyyy too much nick junior and OMG the Disney channel is absolutely awful!
We've bounced on the trampoline (which I can no longer do as it does damage to my lower back)
We've cooked.
We've baked.
We've been to the park up the road.
We've done a few days out and explored new local places.
We've had guests and done a few touristy things.
We went away with DH for a few days.
We've harvested our vegie patch.
We've had friends over for lunch.
We've tidied up the fairies garden.
We've done Ikebana.
We've played Moshi Monsters.
We've read a few books.
We've tidied out wardrobes.
We've Barbied.
We've Lego'd.
We've Play doughed.
Done jigsaw puzzles, played board games.
Made the best of the crappy weather.

When it's presented like this, we've been pretty busy!!!!! Tho with few 'other' people involved.

I have come to the conclusion and it makes me so sad to admit it, but I am so looking forward to the routine school offers - early mornings and all.

It's very draining trying to keep MissM occupied, to keep 'us' happy as a unit.

I'm tired of my own voice!  Turn the TV off; go find something to do; no you can't do xyz; eat your lunch; no you can't have a piece of cake; eat a piece of fruit; have some crackers; put your toys away; please don't wear your outdoor shoes inside; I don't know when MaryJane's back from holidays and no i won't email her mum AGAIN - they'll be in touch when they are back; no idea what time DH's home.

I'm tired of her voice! Mummy can i ........ Mummy why not ..... Mummy please ...... Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! I'm about to change my frickin' name!

We didn't do SUPER CAMPS this holiday break as the dates for MissM to attend with friends didn't match up and she didn't want to go on her own.

MissM did attend (and loved) Dance Camp with her ballet school, tho sadly it was only 3 mornings the week we had guests staying. She really enjoyed it and wants to go back next year (YIPPEE)

Without extended social networks, and family/friends close by so much does end up on my shoulders. We have a few good friends but if they are busy or away that's that. I'm not sure in 'normal' situations you could ever say, hand on heart that ALL your friends are away or busy.

There's no aunties, uncles, cousins, friends offering sleepovers.

This isn't a sob blog, far from it. It's a reality blog written by an expat with a very limited network despite all efforts to create a larger one.

Yeah, yeah we're in the UK. There's so much to see and do. And it's all in English.

YES! But the fact is, 99% of the time it's me and MissM doing stuff together and regardless of what you are doing, spending that much time with a busy, chatty eight year old would do anyone's head in, regardless of how much you love them.

Is it me?

Has my worst fear reared it's ugly head?

Am I a tired, lazy old mum who can't cope anymore?

One things for sure, all things being equal, I'd be the worlds worst single parent!

Having waited a while before posting this - thinking should I? Shouldn't I?

Don't people only want to read the good stuff? Like a friend who travelled to the UK, two European cities, 2 cities in the USA with her kids (husband stayed behind to work); or several friends who returned 'home' for between 4-6 weeks of summer fun; or others who cruised or a few who managed two different vacations for two weeks each location! Now that's expat life, isn't it!

When I started ms_havachat it was to be about the highs and lows of expat life, well, very long, lonely isolating school holidays is the low bit that we all experience from time to time. Sadly, this summer was ours and it's not been enjoyable.

Please don't email me after reading this.

I'm quietly confident that by the time you do, MissM and I will have found something enjoyable to share and will be laughing our heads off while doing it, or, be back at school bemoaning early mornings.

With friendship

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