Monday, 15 October 2012

Hello ...... you there?

I know I have a few followers (thank you) and a few friends have emailed me over the months to say they enjoy reading 
ms-havachat’s (but haven’t subscribed), so I’m curious, how many followers does ms-havachat have?

It might sound like an egotistical question, but I am curious for a number of reasons, least of which is that I’ve started to be inspired by other bloggers and feel it might be time to ramp it up a bit, and blog a wee bit more seriously.

I have discovered several brilliant, inspirational bloggers recently all of whom I look forward to ‘chatting with’. Now I know that sounds odd but hear me out (and remember I asked is anyone there)

Ms Kirsty Rice is an Australian expat currently living in Qatar. Her Blog is terrific.  The decision to subscribe was easy. Now I look forward to the daily mail in my inbox alerting me to a new day in her life. Being mums (tho she has 4 kids to my one), an Aussie, and an expat, we have a bit in common. I know of one lady in Yokohama who lived in Qatar; and have a friend living there now (who was in Yokohama with us).

I have asked her if I may refer to her blog and she very kindly said yes, so thank you Kirsty.

Commenting on her blogs is fun. It’s even more enjoyable when she replies. We’re companions who share lifestyles, and have the occasional opinion about one another’s daily essays on our life. 
I’ve noticed LOTS of her blogger followers comment, and therein lie’s the fascination and community of blogging.

For example, late yesterday she simply asked ‘Best travel stroller? We were always fans of the Maclaren, easy to fold, seat laid back and it was pretty sturdy. Anyone else have a recommendation?

23 comments later a group of us were discussing travel strollers.

Thru her blog, I’ve discovered others. Some resonate with me, while others don’t. That’s cool. It’s a personal thing like everything else.

The one that did resonate with me was ProBloggers Conference that was held in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend that Kirsty attended via Skype and podcasts (how cool, eh?)

After Googling ProBloggers and spending quite a while on the site, that’s when I thought maybe ms-havachat could do something more worthwhile, more serious and with a large enough following (and my advertising sales background) maybe I could flog a few ads or click thru’s to other pages/links and earn pocket money from something I actually enjoy doing.

Mia Freeman, ex magazine editor, girl about town and now the face behind Australia’s mamamia has a huge following. I have found myself drawn to several conversations recently about various links they have posted. It’s a great feeling when someone clicks they ‘like’ your comment.

The Everywhereist is a blog a friend in Sydney who knows me very well recommended to me. And I love it. It’s interesting, informative and so damn honest.

Friends blogs are fun to read too. It’s a very different feeling reading something when you know the person behind the facade of their blog name (hence there must be LOTS of blogs that get written and never poste) and codes they might use to protect the identity of people the involved in their ramblings.

Any Need Really allows my Welsh friend (currently living in Yokohama) to vent about life in SE Asia and share the funny side of life in general.

Bams Kitchen a cooks journey thru SE Asia, trying to feed her teenage sons is written by an American friend I met in Yokohama who is now living in Hong Kong

Tortilicious is a pictorial indulgence in all things scrumptious made lovingly by one of my best Japanese friends in Yokohama. 

I enjoyed their company when we were together, and continue to enjoy their company now we’re living in different parts of the world.

My godson is doing ‘the Europe’ trip and has been writing a really entertaining blog about his travels from the perspective of a 24 year old on a budget. He’s including his personal touch by recommending (or not) places to see (or not), things to do, how to get there, costs involved and more. It’s a great read for any age.

I enjoyed their company when we were together, and continue to enjoy their company now we’re living in different parts of the world. 

There are so many expats doing blogs these days, it’s hard to even envisage making even pocket money amounts from mine. But I have a great network of friends all over the world, have a basic understanding of how advertising works and (I think) I’m an ok writer (tho journalism friends might have a different opinion) and have plans to do a short writing course (as soon as the woman running it contacts me with start dates) to improve.

I’m prepared to give it a go.

Set a few goals and who knows ……….. I might even be able to buy DH a Christmas gift without him knowing the details from the bank statements.

So, if you enjoy ms-havachat, please subscribe.

Please invite/share with friends (they don’t have to be expats) and encourage them to subscribe and then they can share with their friends.

Please comment on what’s being said – even if it’s to disagree with me, or tell me to stop moaning, or compliment me from time to time, who knows we could start a global conversation and solve a few problems along the way.

And finally, watch this space, the changes will be slow, but they'll be there.

PS: what do you think of the new typeface? 

With friendship

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