Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Today was a good day

You’ve probably gathered by now my life is up and down.

I can’t recall the last time my life was so up and frickin’ down. I’m completely over it, and have been willing positive vibes to come my way as I’m tired of me whining and would like to thank you for sticking with me. I do appreciate it.

I am a Gemini and I like, no I love, wait,  I NEED to be busy.

Not only do I love a to haveachat, I love being out’n’about, love hanging out with DH and MissM exploring, spending time with friends, sharing our home with guests, learning Ikebana and more.

Think that was the crux of the dramas over summer school vacation – just not busy enough. Too much time to wallow. Too much time to think. Too much time to wonder ‘what if’.

Too much time is too dangerous for someone with my personality.

Since MissM returned to school, and my routine (I sort of have one tho it’s highly flexible) kicked back into gear, we’ve ALL be happier.

You recall the chat about quality of time spent together vs quantity. Several weeks later, I think there’s some truth to that.

A friend said a friend of hers is seriously considering boarding school – her eldest child is in year 7, with one in year 6, and one in year 4. She felt that she would rather spend quality time with them and not have to hassle with hormones, homework and getting them to 2 different schools miraculously at several times over the course of the week (each one had before school activities on different days) and from said locations at different times (various after school activities, sports etc)

She felt that to have all 3 at school full time Monday – Friday, then she and her husband would have quality time with them every weekend and holiday.
After thinking about this for a while, my friend and I decided that under those circumstances it sounded like a great idea. If we’re honest, we’ve all thought about boarding school at least once.

I sometimes think MissM would relish the opportunity. But I know we’d all miss each other too much, and the giggles and fun far outweigh the times we’re at odds with each other (two strong personalities at work)

I digress …………. keeping busy

This week’s been brilliant, simply because I’m busy every day.

Monday started really well with reading at school with MissM’s class. It was only half an hour. But it was great fun. We don’t get to do enough stuff like this, so it was a real pleasure.
Such fun reading with MissM and her friends

Tuesday was Ikebana and working with autumn colors and flowers. The golds, browns, reds, and yellows of autumn are MY COLOURS, so the day was inspiring and lifted my soul to heights that I haven’t felt in a long time.
Love the autumn colors

The house has several autumn Ikebana’s and my eyes are scanning the garden/s and roadsides for more materials to replace the ones I have as needed.
Autumn Full Moon Ikebana

Today was a great day!

A friend joined me at Newlyns Weyhill Farm Shop Cookery School for an Italian Cooking course.

I enjoyed every minute!

Thought we might invest in a pasta maker – tho in reality would we make fresh pasta? There’s so many organic, bespoke (discovered this word last year. Everything in Winchester is bespoke) pasta products that I doubt we would.

We made orange and chocolate biscotti from scratch.

We made pesto bread!
Pretty yummy looking, eh?

We made two delicious sauces.
Pancetta and wild mushrooms with the pasta I made 

I spent the day with a friend whose company I really enjoy. She took a huge leap of faith in our friendship in confiding in me about some very personal issues over a coffee before class started.

All I could think of was YEAH I have a friend who trusts me enough with ‘stuff’.  Guess cos she went first, I can trust her too.

Today was a good day,

Tomorrow is busy ….

So’s Friday and next week, then it’s mid term holidays already.

That weeks looking full of fun days out too.

Enjoying the roller coaster ride that is my life ????????????

With friendship

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