Thursday, 25 October 2012

'Tis the night before October mid term

and all thru the house,

not a creature is stirring
not even a mouse

Seriously, the house is very quiet this evening.

We said 'hello and goodbye' with in 24 hours to our best Japanese friends who popped in for an over night visit last night.

As MissM said 'one night and one day was better than nothing but i still hate saying goodbye'

There’s an air of contentment in the house this evening as we ponder the next week of mid term vacation.

MissM is very tired despite having only been back to school for 6 weeks.

A few friends are going away, and the rest who knows. No one really talks about where they are going, or what they are doing. I asked a few friends what they were up to and if they’d like to get together, but they are either away or booked the kids into various camps as they will be working, saving time off over Christmas holidays.

It’s times like this I feel so very disconnected to my peers, especially here. I’ve not been employed in full time work (or even part time work) since just before MissM was born (8 and a bit years). I’ve no idea what it’s like to juggle things during the school term, let alone during holidays.

Tomorrow is taken care of – we’ll be cooking all day as my cousins from Sydney will be here for dinner. DH was so sweet when he enquired via whatsapp ‘what you planning for Shabbat dinner’

MissM and I are going to make a challah; then we’re going to make Lorraine Pascale’s Chocolate Melting Puds (tested them earlier this week and OMG they are delicious).

We’re having  baked dinner, leg of lamb with veggies and roasted potatoes.
Saturday DH and MissM are having a well earned, and long overdue Daddy Daughter Saturday (aka DDS) while I go into London with cousins and see Rob Brydon in A Chorus of Disapproval.

MissM and I have been invited for a sleep over early in the week with friends who were in Japan with us. We’re really looking forward to seeing them and having girlie time.

We’ll do a day in London – take the train in, MissM wants to take her pocket money to Harrods. She doesn’t get pocket money so I’m unsure what she’s actually referring to.

We might try to fit in some time at the Natural History Museum or something else, weather permitting.

Maybe DH will take a day off?

And then MissM’s back to school.

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself that we’ve got such a lovely week planned out. 
Something to look forward to each day. Anything will be an improvement on the summer vacation.

Then back to school, back to Ikebana and before we know it, school breaks up for Christmas break on Dec 12 and OMG it’ll be Christmas before we know it and I’ll be right back where I was a week or so ago lamenting ‘what will we do over the holidays’

AH! The circle of life

With friendship

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