Friday, 2 November 2012

It's been a GREAT midterm break

This midterm was fun.

It was easy going.

It was pleasant.

It was peaceful.

It was short.

We started the day before school officially finished for the term with our BF’s from Japan stopping by for dinner and a sleepover. It was such a wonderful reunion between our two families.

Thursday we showed them around our High Street and Winchester Cathedral. Our friendship is four years young ….. three years of that was MrsS explaining, translating, helping, sharing her country with me, now I had the chance to do the same for her in our adopted home.

They left us Thursday afternoon to continue their trip before returning home to Yokohama on the Saturday. This gave us one day to change the linen and towels, prepare the ensuite and bedroom for our cousins from Sydney who were popping in for dinner and a sleep over on Friday night.

On Friday, we baked challah (the platted bread loaf Jewish people eat on Friday nights for Shabbat), and made chocolate melting pots for desert, before preparing the leg of lamb and veggies for dinner.

We had fun setting the dining table, and putting out glasses and candle sticks.

Friday night was a lots of catching up with family affairs from home; and sharing what we’ve been up to.

Saturday was a matinee performance with them in London’s West End. And by chance, I discovered Chinatown and how easy it is it get to.

Sunday was a quiet day at home, pottering and doing house hold stuff.
Monday MissM and I went to MrsT’s for a sleep over. So nice to spend quality time with friends (we were in Yokohoma together)

Wednesday/Thursday were fun days at home, doing craft, chillaxing. We found season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance on youtube and have been watching that together.

Today we’ve had our hair done, enjoyed lunch together and kicking back.

I’m trying to work out why this midterm was so pleasant so we can replicate it next school holidays.

Is it ‘cos we were busy?

It it ‘cos we did things we both wanted to do?

It is ‘cos I said ‘yes’ more often than usual?

It is ‘cos we have entered the ‘tween’ zone and our conversation is more balanced?

Whatever it is, I shared with MissM what a delightful time I’d had these past days and asked her if she had enjoyed the holidays. She smiled and said yes.

Best get started planning the next holidays, school breaks up in 7 weeks for Christmas/New Year holidays.

With friendship

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