Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Great Visit

The past few days have been truly wonderful.

My BF and her husband, who is also a BF came to visit for 3 nights.

We’ve sat at the kitchen table pretty much since Sunday night and chatted, drunk tea during the day, and champagne from 4pm.

We’ve caught up with each others news, points of view, family members, mutual friends, new friends we don’t know about, trips, we’ve asked questions, and received interesting answers which lead to more questions at times, and a new topic of conversation at others.

We smiled at each other’s photos, shared ‘favorite places’ and a few travel stories.

We laughed out loud.

We remembered things we’d shared.

We smiled at their 3 kids who are now young adults and at MissM who is so precious to all of us.

We said the same thing, at the same time, in the same tone a few times which not only made us laugh but realize we remain similar in so many ways.

We listened to the other one share painful stories. There was nothing we could say as the events had already been and gone, or we were too far away to be involved,  so we listened and nodded.

I smiled while eavesdropping on them as they chatted with their god daughter in another room.

I smiled when MissM wanted AuntyV to do her homework with her and they shut the door so they could have privacy.

MissM and AuntyV watched a Barbie movie while we talked in the kitchen, then joined them in the lounge room for the end of the movie. The three of them cuddling on the couch.

We were off bedtime duty too for the past 3 nights as MissM only wanted AuntyV and UncleS to put her to bed.

Over dinner, they asked DH questions about work, and ‘what’s next’. They shared their hopes for their business.

All 4 of us laughed out loud so many times over dinner each night, lifting the spirit in the house.

I always knew that no matter where we were in the world, or how long it might be between spending time together the intensity of our friendship would never falter.

Each visit from friends is special, leaving a mark with us, but somehow, for some reason, this one was different, and the timing for the experience and its effects was spot on.

The doom’n’gloom of the past few months has somehow magically lifted. Things are somehow better balanced in my mind.

With friendship

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