Sunday, 20 January 2013

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow

Life in the UK is pretty normal in terms of things to photograph. 

I no longer have my camera in my bag for those 'just in case' photo opportunities that were daily sights in and around Yokohama. The camera tends to only come out when we are doing something specific as in a weekend away or a day trip. Hence I've not been posting many photos lately.

Friday changed all that!

The snow finally did as was predicted and fell.

School decided at 10.15am to close for the day. Luckily I had already made the decision to bring MissM home with me after assembly so didn't have to go out on again.

DH decided to work from home.

MissM was very happy for a few reasons, one of which was it was DH's birthday and she'd been wishing for snow so we could all be home for a few days.

We've loved the opportunity to get out in the snow and have fun. 

We created lots of memories worthy of capturing on the camera.

Love a snow fight

Ready to face the cold.

Sledging on the flat is hard work for DH

We lost count of the number of snow angels MissM made

Heading over to the park

Finally, a snow ball worthy of snowman, but to how to get it home in once piece?

They didn't get the one from the park home, but this was good enough

Just love the colors of this photo

with friendship

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