Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Is this all there is ?????????

Second day of term, and I'm home alone again ..... OMG is this is it?????????

I came home, had a late breakfast, finished tidying up the kitchen then skyped with Mum for nearly two hours, read a few emails, did some FB time, had another cuppa, picked up some rubbish left over from putting the xmas decorations away ..... waiting now til it's a sensible time to leave to go to the hairdressers.

The beds were made before we left for school.

MissM tidied her playroom for the 1,000,000,000,000,000 time on Sunday before school went back, and anyways, I'm OK to help her tidy (occassionally but i reckon you make the mess, you tidy it up) but i don't do it for her (maybe I should do it for her so i've something to do, no no that won't work)

I knew I should have left the Xmas tree and decorations for this week, instead of accepting DH's offer to help on Sunday. But it was so much more fun doing it together.

There's no way I'm going to put off doing something just so I've something to do midweek. That's just ridiculous.

Or not .............. OH MY GOSH is this it?

It can't be!

I won't let it be!

Last nights home made dinner was incredibly delicious. The aroma's from the slow cooker were tempting. DH's creamy mash delicious.

MissM and I baked our first Victoria Sponge cake (as part of our return to school routine, we've banned TV mid week, see how long that lasts) and I have promised to lay off the laptop so we have to find things to keep us occupied.  With school out at 4.10pm it can't be that hard!

Watch this space and I'll share with you what things I invent to do to keep me busy ..... the new me, who doesn't mind not having much to do, or many to do it with.

Seems another life's frickin' lessons have come my way, now to respond accordingly

With friendship

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